Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Trip Away

Sorry for lack of posts. I have been busy getting ready for Leeds Festival, which I am going to tomorrow! So excited.

Anyway, I am going on my own due to my travelling partner dropping out due to ill health. So no photos because photos of stages and bands from far away is a) boring and b) pointless. Sorry if you're a photo person, I tend not to be. Unless I see something epic like Frank Turner like in the flesh less then 10 metres from me, then I might get flash happy. I loooooooooove him.

This has not been as sucinct as I wanted it to be.

Have fun guys, especially if you're making the journey to Reading or Leeds. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Outfit of the Day: On Trend: Stars, Knee Boots and Red Lips.

Hi, back from Wales yesterday and was completely wiped. Overslept terribly then went into Stockport for a bit of shopping, got a few nice tops from Topshop and a polka dot prom dress from Evans.

No pics from my holiday I'm afraid. I'm not a picture person and I'm there about once a month or more so it doesn't feel right. I like to experience things as they happen instead of fiddling with cameras. :)

So here is an OOtD!

{Star Print Dress ~ Evans (circa 2005/6?), Cloche Hat ~ Helen Winterson's, Boots ~ Evans (circa 2005), Red Lipstick ~ Maybelline 'Fatal Red'}

So while in Wales I read a lot of magazines. In fact whenever I'm in Wales I tend to read my months worth of magazines, which tends to include Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour (though to be honest I am getting sick of it), Essentials, Company and Dr Who Adventures. One of these is not like the other. Bow ties are cool! :D

And I have to say I am loving these this seasons trends. I tend not to be too trend led because well, some trends are just not me, eg harem pants. But all the trend I'm reading about, its like the designers of teh world said 'Let's make Sian's bank card cry tears of joy and debt'.

Stars are my favourite print. I have this dress, at least 3 scarves, several tops and so many earrings that are star related. In fact I'd like a couple of star tattoos. They're beautiful, magical and make everything just.... better.

I have had this Evans dress for years, but felt it was a little formal for every day wear. I no longer worry about this. If you feel like dressing up, just dress up. Plus its girly without straying from who I am.

The boots have stack heels though you can't see. You also can't see that I sunk into the grass with said heels in this photo! haha.

{Skull Ring ~ Joshua Tree, Pwllheli, Cross Necklace ~ ASOS, Charm Bracelet (just seen) ~ Ebay}

I also love the return of red lips. In my mind red lips are classic, they are never out of fashion. I was reinvigorated with love for red when I saw this Maybelline shade. Gorgeous. I used to think because I have quite red skin I could never wear red lipstick. Well, kicked that idea in the butt and now its my go to shade if I'm mainly wearing black. Though I have recently also fell in love with the nude lip look, especially with dark eyes, so sixties.

So I am hoping for more star prints, gothic/victorian styles, forties glamour, wearable fetish gear, fur and classic make-up this autumn/winter 2011. And hopefully some of this will trickle down to plus size stores. Pretty please with cherries on top? xxx

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Off to Wales - Back on the Weekend

Going on a little hiatus, as I am off to Wales. My mother has a bungalow down there that is in the process of being refurbished (we had a flood), so no posts till Sunday possibly later. We never plan these things to exacts. :)

Though, one side note. My grandmother visited. She is my only remaining Grandparent as her husband died several years ago and both my welsh grandparents died about  18 months ago. They were lovely people. My Gran is..... tricky to say the least.

She is among a mutitude of things very thin and proud of it. When she was about a size 12/14 she was told to cut her cholesterol intake because it was above average. She took this to extremes. Instead of hearing 'cut down on fatty foods' she heard cut them out entirely. She has shrunk down to a 6 (possibly smaller) I would say and is just too thin really. Her doctors have now done a u-turn she is allowed to eat again.

She still tends to fat shame my family. My mother mentioned my brother is on the atkins diet, so my gran turns to me and asks "Have you ever thought of going on a diet?". I was a little incensed. I said, "No." in my defiant tone. This kind of thing happens everytime I see her. It gets old fast.

My body is not your concern, whether you are related to me or not. I accept my boy, I don't ask you to do the same, but maybe you could keep the comments to yourself?

Well, had to get that off my chest. See you in a few days.

Cape Conundrum and Flattering Clothes.

My ASOS Curve heritage cape has arrived. It is beautiful and comfy and well, so very Sherlock Holmes, who I am bit obsessed with. So where's the conundrum?

Well, the other cape I saw in Helen Winterson's (see last post for pics) was more...... flattering. The dreaded word. A scourge to all plus size girls. I am sure nearly all bigger girls have the little demon in their mind telling them what is 'flattering' for their shape. I am not a fan of flattering clothes. Instead I wear clothes I like, clothes I love, clothes I think look good whether they are flattering or not, which is why I write this while wearing skinny jeans and a sleeveless vest letting the bingo wings fly free despite what certain facebook groups tell me I should wear. (And by the way, you should all be reading it is so good.)

Yet, however much I push away the thoughts of flattering clothes and I 'should' wear, that word still pops up in my head when I try on clothes. Especially if I am choosing between items, the more flattering option is so tempting..... Do I give in?

Today, no. No, I shall not. I will go with my heart. When you fall in love with clothes it can be a lifelong affair and I think with a little care and attention, my cape and I will be great friends for some time to come.

Do any of you guys have the 'flattering demon'? Even the straight sizes ladies out these? I'd love to hear yoru opinions.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trend Love: Capes, Capes, Capes.

Once again, I blush and apologise over something I once mocked and now.... want with the power of a million fashionistas. I've decided that this year (yeah I'm counting from August, what of it?) is my year of being more out there, more adventurous and far more out of my comfort zone. So first was the playsuit, now the cape. They are finally coming in sizes for plus size girls. :)

I have to admit it was the heritage trend that really brought me to love the cape. I love a bit of tweed, elbow patches are divine and give me braces and a bow tie any day. So when this little beauty came ASOS Curve, I was blown away:

{Heritage Check Cape ~ ASOS Curve ~ £100}

I adore it from front to back. It has everything, tweed, check, a hood, wool and a horn-effect toggle at the neck. Just beautiful. And yeah, I have ordered it. Also, I got ASOS Premier because I probably order like four times a year and I may return this cape if I prefer the one I saw in a shop today.

{Tan Wool Cape ~ Helen Winterson's ~ £129}

This is the cape that may give the ASOS number a run for its money. I tried it on in store and it was so lovely, especially with the little, brown, wool cloche hat that I bought there and that will probably show up in a ootd soon. I felt so 20s, vintage and gorgeous. :) Will add the label when I find out because I didn't check.

Helen Winterson's is shop in Marple which is right near where I live. It is a lovely, friendly place, but that might just be my perspective as I have always gone with my mother who is close friends with one of the ladies who works there. Its way out of my price range generally as it stocks labels such as Gerry Webber, Betty Barclay, Oska, James Lakeland, Basler, Marcona, Lucia, Doris Streich etc. All of which are lovely but less for students more for ladies my mother's age not because they're old lady clothes, more because of prices. Over the years, she has bought some aabsolutely beautiful pieces from there, some of which I may have to blog about at some point. I have a few pieces from there, which will end up being blogged at some point because they are lovely.

Support your local businesses!

{Hooded Spring Cape ~ ASOS Curve ~ £31 (SALE ITEM)}

I am not too enthused by this one. I like the style, especially the hood and the big buttons, but the colour? No, no, no, no, no. Not for me at all. But I thought I'd include it because it is sale, so very affordable and I bet some ladies could absolutely rock this cape.

{Check Hooded Cape ~ M&S ~ £69}

Sorry for the tiny, grainy pictures, I am bad at the computer stuff and the Marks website confused and frustrated me when trying to get a big picture.

I do like this cape though. The check is lovely and the colours would blend into my wardrobe really easily, but my problem is.... If you're getting a cape, do you really want to blend in? I think if you're going for something as unusual and fashion forward as a cape you should go for something a bit showier. But if you don't take that view, this could be the cape for you. Plus its a little less expensive.

{Oversized Check Cocoon Coat ~ M&S ~ £99}

This while not technically a cape, well, I just had to include it because I tried it on when I was in Marks and it was lovely. I immediately said it was bag lady chic and I say that as a total compliment. I love that shabby chic look and this totally plays into that beautifully.

{Terracotta Contrast Band Cape ~ Dorothy Perkins ~ £29.50}

Technically not an overcoat/outerwear more of a top, but still a cape. For those of us who are not ready for the full cape experience or are not ready to stock up for the autumn/winter season, which by the way is my favourite season. I cannot wait to break out my winter coats.

What trends are you guys enthusing about? Any others looking forward to A/W '11?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Pink with a Twist.

Hiiiiiiiiiiii. I am worn out. I didn't sleep and then the small amount I did today has taken it out of me. No idea why.

And yet I chose to wear quite an adventurous outfit for me, mixing several things I tend to be a bit uncomfortable with. I must have felt like challenging myself this morning. These items were pink, playsuit and pretty/feminity.

{Playsuit ~ ASOS Curve, Jacket ~ My Chemical Romance Merch, Shoes ~ Next, Tights ~ Marks and Spencers, Handbag ~ D&G, Alice Band ~ Claire's Accessories, Watch Necklace ~ Boots}

For many years I have mocked the playsuit. I hated jumpsuits (still don't/won't own one), so I hated playsuits as they are just shorter versions. Then I saw the blue apple print playsuit at ASOS and fell in love, as I adore all things apple related. I ordered that and this one, put them in my closet about a year ago and they haven't seen the light of day since.

But it was hot in Stockport this morning, so I thought 'why not?'. Then it turned cold. :( Damn you, Manchester. But this, at least, gave me a chance to style this up a bit gothy and less pretty, which I love. Toughening things up with black, metal and spikes is just so much fun. And, of course, lashings of eyeliner.

And, you know what? It was pretty fun. I thought it would be uncomfortable, both the playsuit and the looks I assumed I'd get. But it was ok. I got some looks when I had my Gaga sunglasses on (sadly no pics yet). Most of the attention was positive or bemused and I do love bemusing people. And the playsuit itself was cool, comfy and really very wearable. Who knows, I might invest in a few more?

Without the beloved My Chemical Romance jacket. Yeah, I was an emo teenager, loved that band. Saw them live twice, seeing them again at Leeds Fest. I know the jacket doesn't really fit. I rock it anyway.

Also, don't you just love my terrible modeling skills.

Close up of my Next ballerinas with spike strap. This is the one and only time I have been able to buy size 9s in Next. They are comfy but rub without socks/tights.

By the way, these M&S tights? Super comfy, so comfy I forgot I had them on. That doesn't happen with me and tights very often.

Close up to show you two bits from my Alice in Wonderland outfit (yes, I have an Alice in Wonderland outfit!). This is the bow, which I got for a quid at Claire's and the pocket watch on pearl-ish chain from Boots for also like a quid. The rest I got from ebay and I will blog it sometime.

Thanks again to my mother for taking pictures of me in her garden. I don't know how I'll do this in Leeds. My poor flatmate will be pushed into taking pics of me probably.

Have an extra! My mum's cocker spaniel, Eccles, in my jacket looking adoringly at my mother! :)

Stay safe, everyone.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Skinny Jeans & Jersey Dress - M&S Surprise.

Not posted an outfit of the day over the last few days because I have been so very casual. Like graphic tee and jeans casual, not very exciting for the blog, right?

But today, I have news! I went to Handforth Dean BHS with my mother to help her buy a sofa and we decided to head to M&S for lunch and a nosy around. I have not shopped there for clothes in at least 3 years due to being away in Leeds and my lack of shopping during 6th form. Back then it was basic, simple and mostly dowdy, frankly quite aging pieces.

So I was in for a bloody shock when I went in today. There are some absolutely amazing pieces, especially in the Autograph section, which were just divine (if a little expensive).

I bought two items and one in mind to post about later - wishlist style. First was a pair of skinny jeans with zip pockets in black. As I am going to Leeds festival at the end of the month I decided I needed trousers with zips on the pockets to keep my phone safe, so finding these was a nice surpise. I'd been looking on the internet, but had been underwhelmed by the selection available in my size. And may I say when I tried them on I was blown away. I am not one for the rule that only skinny girls wear skinny jeans, I own several pairs, all in my traditional size 20, all of which have fitted on the waist but been baggy at the legs, so not really acting as skinny jeans should. To be honest, I haven't minded as they've had other great features such as zips on the legs, laces and being neon pink. But these jeans fit like a dream, they are figure hugging without being too tight. Just wonderful, I may have to get them in khaki as well! They are also available in a petite version for you smaller ladies out there.

The second item I picked up was a two tone jersey dress. Before this year, I had 2 dresses, which were the dress I went to prom in and another I went to any 'dressy' function in from Evans. This for me is the year of the dress. I love them, maxi, midi, mini, dresses are great. I always thought they were way too femme for me as I am generally a more masculine person, but I learnt that accessories and the way you wear a dress can greatly affect the outfit presents who you are. This dress is super comfy and a really good length, about an inch above the knee on this 5 foot 7 girl. With some leggings and boots or bare legs and sandals, absolute winner. Expect to see this in an outfit post soon!

My mother bought this assymetric zip cardigan, which I adore on her and if she keeps it I will be borrowing. Sorry, Mum!

Anyway, I'll be posting again soon with a wishlist/what do I get quandry list very soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Summer Brights in Rainy Manchester

{Blue Dinosaur 'I'm Rawr-Some' T-Shirt ~ New Look (Inspire), Pink Skinny Jeans - Dorothy Perkins, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

This is what I wore today to go shopping with my mother, who was also my very reluctant and sarcastic photographer. Now for anyone who knows me this outfit will be a bit of a shock as for most of my teenage years I lived in plain jeans and dark tops, so colour is a bit foreign to me. But I've decided recently after reading some great fatshion blogs (see my blog roll for reccs) that I should wear what I love instead of just trying to be invisible. I am big, I am, indeed, a fat person. I accept this, heck I know love my body for what it is. All bodies are beautiful in my opinion because no matter how we feel they keep going. /end schmaltz.

A slightly weird angle shot of my legs and my creepers. I live in these shoes and I love them so very much. Best £70 I have ever spent, seriously. I'm an 'alternative' kinda girl at heart and they really toughen up any outfit. Plus they are sooooooooooo comfy. I find it hard to find shoes sometimes as I am a size 9, so its either stripper heels or old lady shoes usually so finding these was wonderful.

{Anchor Earings and Spike Earrings - Topshop (sale at that), Cross Necklace (just seen) ~ ASOS}

I used to think I could never shop in Topshop, I would in fact be petrified in there if I went with one of my smaller friends. I'd think people were staring or laughing at that mad, delusional, fat girl trying to get into skinny girl's clothes. These days I don't give a flying fuck. I've even bought clothes there, proving the old plus size addage of make the clothes work for you.

First time taking pictures for ourfit of the day. The background is my mum's garden, which is pretty nice. I wanted a few shots of angles you don't tend to see of yourself, thus the back, shoe and earring shots. All shot from my iphone so photos are bit crappy but I left my camera cables in my flat in Leeds.

The weather was bloody horrible today. I think this is what inspired me to be so bright, since everything else was so grey. Seriously, summer come back, I have a festival to go to! Anyone heading to Leeds fest give us a bell, its my first time.

Now I was wondering if anyone out there reading this could give me a little feedback? I know there's a lot of pictures in this post, but would you prefer less if I was gonna do this reguarly, links to clothes if they're still in stock? Anything at all like that? Don't worry, I don't bite, unless you want me to. :P

First Post: Free Meal via Riots

Hi, I'm Sian as you can probably tell from my several about me areas. (I am not yet confident with my blog designing.)

Though this blog will hopefully be mainly outfits of the day, wishlists, design talk, general squee and showing what I'm crafting at the moment, I cannot ignore the public unrest and violence being perpetrated in my own country and city.

I was in Manchester on Tuesday when the violence and rioting began. I hadn't seen some of my friends in a long time and stupidly I thought my beloved Manchester would not fall under the rioting that has been happening for sometime in the UK. At this time I cannot even verbalise the tension and fear that surrounded the city centre that evening, but I am a great believer in my country and its ability to find humour in the most terrible of times. I am proud of the people who came out to clean up after the riots, I am proud of Operation Cup of Tea and I am so proud of every bad joke, humourous quip and amusing tumblr dedicated to these events.

Thus my title, my friends and I left the city centre after we saw a group of around fifty people rush a metro. I felt it was time to get way out of there, so we relocated to eat at the train station at yo sushi. The police made a barrier at teh bottom of teh hill and even though no violence could be seen from the station there was a great deal of tension and fear in the air. The guy running yo sushi decided he was shutting up shop like many of the places further into town had done earlier. I survived teh Manchester Riots 2011 and got free sushi to boot.

These criminals may steal, burn and destroy, but they cannot take our childish sense of humour. Keep safe, Britain, keep awesome.