Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cape Conundrum and Flattering Clothes.

My ASOS Curve heritage cape has arrived. It is beautiful and comfy and well, so very Sherlock Holmes, who I am bit obsessed with. So where's the conundrum?

Well, the other cape I saw in Helen Winterson's (see last post for pics) was more...... flattering. The dreaded word. A scourge to all plus size girls. I am sure nearly all bigger girls have the little demon in their mind telling them what is 'flattering' for their shape. I am not a fan of flattering clothes. Instead I wear clothes I like, clothes I love, clothes I think look good whether they are flattering or not, which is why I write this while wearing skinny jeans and a sleeveless vest letting the bingo wings fly free despite what certain facebook groups tell me I should wear. (And by the way, you should all be reading it is so good.)

Yet, however much I push away the thoughts of flattering clothes and I 'should' wear, that word still pops up in my head when I try on clothes. Especially if I am choosing between items, the more flattering option is so tempting..... Do I give in?

Today, no. No, I shall not. I will go with my heart. When you fall in love with clothes it can be a lifelong affair and I think with a little care and attention, my cape and I will be great friends for some time to come.

Do any of you guys have the 'flattering demon'? Even the straight sizes ladies out these? I'd love to hear yoru opinions.

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