Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Post: Free Meal via Riots

Hi, I'm Sian as you can probably tell from my several about me areas. (I am not yet confident with my blog designing.)

Though this blog will hopefully be mainly outfits of the day, wishlists, design talk, general squee and showing what I'm crafting at the moment, I cannot ignore the public unrest and violence being perpetrated in my own country and city.

I was in Manchester on Tuesday when the violence and rioting began. I hadn't seen some of my friends in a long time and stupidly I thought my beloved Manchester would not fall under the rioting that has been happening for sometime in the UK. At this time I cannot even verbalise the tension and fear that surrounded the city centre that evening, but I am a great believer in my country and its ability to find humour in the most terrible of times. I am proud of the people who came out to clean up after the riots, I am proud of Operation Cup of Tea and I am so proud of every bad joke, humourous quip and amusing tumblr dedicated to these events.

Thus my title, my friends and I left the city centre after we saw a group of around fifty people rush a metro. I felt it was time to get way out of there, so we relocated to eat at the train station at yo sushi. The police made a barrier at teh bottom of teh hill and even though no violence could be seen from the station there was a great deal of tension and fear in the air. The guy running yo sushi decided he was shutting up shop like many of the places further into town had done earlier. I survived teh Manchester Riots 2011 and got free sushi to boot.

These criminals may steal, burn and destroy, but they cannot take our childish sense of humour. Keep safe, Britain, keep awesome.

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