Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Off to Wales - Back on the Weekend

Going on a little hiatus, as I am off to Wales. My mother has a bungalow down there that is in the process of being refurbished (we had a flood), so no posts till Sunday possibly later. We never plan these things to exacts. :)

Though, one side note. My grandmother visited. She is my only remaining Grandparent as her husband died several years ago and both my welsh grandparents died about  18 months ago. They were lovely people. My Gran is..... tricky to say the least.

She is among a mutitude of things very thin and proud of it. When she was about a size 12/14 she was told to cut her cholesterol intake because it was above average. She took this to extremes. Instead of hearing 'cut down on fatty foods' she heard cut them out entirely. She has shrunk down to a 6 (possibly smaller) I would say and is just too thin really. Her doctors have now done a u-turn she is allowed to eat again.

She still tends to fat shame my family. My mother mentioned my brother is on the atkins diet, so my gran turns to me and asks "Have you ever thought of going on a diet?". I was a little incensed. I said, "No." in my defiant tone. This kind of thing happens everytime I see her. It gets old fast.

My body is not your concern, whether you are related to me or not. I accept my boy, I don't ask you to do the same, but maybe you could keep the comments to yourself?

Well, had to get that off my chest. See you in a few days.

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  1. lol so true. My mum does that to me. BACK OFF ALREADY! I'm healthy and happy and that is what matters! :)