Monday, August 15, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Pink with a Twist.

Hiiiiiiiiiiii. I am worn out. I didn't sleep and then the small amount I did today has taken it out of me. No idea why.

And yet I chose to wear quite an adventurous outfit for me, mixing several things I tend to be a bit uncomfortable with. I must have felt like challenging myself this morning. These items were pink, playsuit and pretty/feminity.

{Playsuit ~ ASOS Curve, Jacket ~ My Chemical Romance Merch, Shoes ~ Next, Tights ~ Marks and Spencers, Handbag ~ D&G, Alice Band ~ Claire's Accessories, Watch Necklace ~ Boots}

For many years I have mocked the playsuit. I hated jumpsuits (still don't/won't own one), so I hated playsuits as they are just shorter versions. Then I saw the blue apple print playsuit at ASOS and fell in love, as I adore all things apple related. I ordered that and this one, put them in my closet about a year ago and they haven't seen the light of day since.

But it was hot in Stockport this morning, so I thought 'why not?'. Then it turned cold. :( Damn you, Manchester. But this, at least, gave me a chance to style this up a bit gothy and less pretty, which I love. Toughening things up with black, metal and spikes is just so much fun. And, of course, lashings of eyeliner.

And, you know what? It was pretty fun. I thought it would be uncomfortable, both the playsuit and the looks I assumed I'd get. But it was ok. I got some looks when I had my Gaga sunglasses on (sadly no pics yet). Most of the attention was positive or bemused and I do love bemusing people. And the playsuit itself was cool, comfy and really very wearable. Who knows, I might invest in a few more?

Without the beloved My Chemical Romance jacket. Yeah, I was an emo teenager, loved that band. Saw them live twice, seeing them again at Leeds Fest. I know the jacket doesn't really fit. I rock it anyway.

Also, don't you just love my terrible modeling skills.

Close up of my Next ballerinas with spike strap. This is the one and only time I have been able to buy size 9s in Next. They are comfy but rub without socks/tights.

By the way, these M&S tights? Super comfy, so comfy I forgot I had them on. That doesn't happen with me and tights very often.

Close up to show you two bits from my Alice in Wonderland outfit (yes, I have an Alice in Wonderland outfit!). This is the bow, which I got for a quid at Claire's and the pocket watch on pearl-ish chain from Boots for also like a quid. The rest I got from ebay and I will blog it sometime.

Thanks again to my mother for taking pictures of me in her garden. I don't know how I'll do this in Leeds. My poor flatmate will be pushed into taking pics of me probably.

Have an extra! My mum's cocker spaniel, Eccles, in my jacket looking adoringly at my mother! :)

Stay safe, everyone.


  1. oooh! a super cute outfit! Love it :)

  2. how cute is eccles? i really like the outfit but i think i'd prefer it with opaque tights :) lots of love from mainz to manchester <3