Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Summer Brights in Rainy Manchester

{Blue Dinosaur 'I'm Rawr-Some' T-Shirt ~ New Look (Inspire), Pink Skinny Jeans - Dorothy Perkins, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

This is what I wore today to go shopping with my mother, who was also my very reluctant and sarcastic photographer. Now for anyone who knows me this outfit will be a bit of a shock as for most of my teenage years I lived in plain jeans and dark tops, so colour is a bit foreign to me. But I've decided recently after reading some great fatshion blogs (see my blog roll for reccs) that I should wear what I love instead of just trying to be invisible. I am big, I am, indeed, a fat person. I accept this, heck I know love my body for what it is. All bodies are beautiful in my opinion because no matter how we feel they keep going. /end schmaltz.

A slightly weird angle shot of my legs and my creepers. I live in these shoes and I love them so very much. Best £70 I have ever spent, seriously. I'm an 'alternative' kinda girl at heart and they really toughen up any outfit. Plus they are sooooooooooo comfy. I find it hard to find shoes sometimes as I am a size 9, so its either stripper heels or old lady shoes usually so finding these was wonderful.

{Anchor Earings and Spike Earrings - Topshop (sale at that), Cross Necklace (just seen) ~ ASOS}

I used to think I could never shop in Topshop, I would in fact be petrified in there if I went with one of my smaller friends. I'd think people were staring or laughing at that mad, delusional, fat girl trying to get into skinny girl's clothes. These days I don't give a flying fuck. I've even bought clothes there, proving the old plus size addage of make the clothes work for you.

First time taking pictures for ourfit of the day. The background is my mum's garden, which is pretty nice. I wanted a few shots of angles you don't tend to see of yourself, thus the back, shoe and earring shots. All shot from my iphone so photos are bit crappy but I left my camera cables in my flat in Leeds.

The weather was bloody horrible today. I think this is what inspired me to be so bright, since everything else was so grey. Seriously, summer come back, I have a festival to go to! Anyone heading to Leeds fest give us a bell, its my first time.

Now I was wondering if anyone out there reading this could give me a little feedback? I know there's a lot of pictures in this post, but would you prefer less if I was gonna do this reguarly, links to clothes if they're still in stock? Anything at all like that? Don't worry, I don't bite, unless you want me to. :P


  1. i LOVE your shoes! plus you look really good in those pink jeans ! :) x

  2. Why thank you very much. :) x