Sunday, August 14, 2011

Skinny Jeans & Jersey Dress - M&S Surprise.

Not posted an outfit of the day over the last few days because I have been so very casual. Like graphic tee and jeans casual, not very exciting for the blog, right?

But today, I have news! I went to Handforth Dean BHS with my mother to help her buy a sofa and we decided to head to M&S for lunch and a nosy around. I have not shopped there for clothes in at least 3 years due to being away in Leeds and my lack of shopping during 6th form. Back then it was basic, simple and mostly dowdy, frankly quite aging pieces.

So I was in for a bloody shock when I went in today. There are some absolutely amazing pieces, especially in the Autograph section, which were just divine (if a little expensive).

I bought two items and one in mind to post about later - wishlist style. First was a pair of skinny jeans with zip pockets in black. As I am going to Leeds festival at the end of the month I decided I needed trousers with zips on the pockets to keep my phone safe, so finding these was a nice surpise. I'd been looking on the internet, but had been underwhelmed by the selection available in my size. And may I say when I tried them on I was blown away. I am not one for the rule that only skinny girls wear skinny jeans, I own several pairs, all in my traditional size 20, all of which have fitted on the waist but been baggy at the legs, so not really acting as skinny jeans should. To be honest, I haven't minded as they've had other great features such as zips on the legs, laces and being neon pink. But these jeans fit like a dream, they are figure hugging without being too tight. Just wonderful, I may have to get them in khaki as well! They are also available in a petite version for you smaller ladies out there.

The second item I picked up was a two tone jersey dress. Before this year, I had 2 dresses, which were the dress I went to prom in and another I went to any 'dressy' function in from Evans. This for me is the year of the dress. I love them, maxi, midi, mini, dresses are great. I always thought they were way too femme for me as I am generally a more masculine person, but I learnt that accessories and the way you wear a dress can greatly affect the outfit presents who you are. This dress is super comfy and a really good length, about an inch above the knee on this 5 foot 7 girl. With some leggings and boots or bare legs and sandals, absolute winner. Expect to see this in an outfit post soon!

My mother bought this assymetric zip cardigan, which I adore on her and if she keeps it I will be borrowing. Sorry, Mum!

Anyway, I'll be posting again soon with a wishlist/what do I get quandry list very soon!

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