Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trend Love: Capes, Capes, Capes.

Once again, I blush and apologise over something I once mocked and now.... want with the power of a million fashionistas. I've decided that this year (yeah I'm counting from August, what of it?) is my year of being more out there, more adventurous and far more out of my comfort zone. So first was the playsuit, now the cape. They are finally coming in sizes for plus size girls. :)

I have to admit it was the heritage trend that really brought me to love the cape. I love a bit of tweed, elbow patches are divine and give me braces and a bow tie any day. So when this little beauty came ASOS Curve, I was blown away:

{Heritage Check Cape ~ ASOS Curve ~ £100}

I adore it from front to back. It has everything, tweed, check, a hood, wool and a horn-effect toggle at the neck. Just beautiful. And yeah, I have ordered it. Also, I got ASOS Premier because I probably order like four times a year and I may return this cape if I prefer the one I saw in a shop today.

{Tan Wool Cape ~ Helen Winterson's ~ £129}

This is the cape that may give the ASOS number a run for its money. I tried it on in store and it was so lovely, especially with the little, brown, wool cloche hat that I bought there and that will probably show up in a ootd soon. I felt so 20s, vintage and gorgeous. :) Will add the label when I find out because I didn't check.

Helen Winterson's is shop in Marple which is right near where I live. It is a lovely, friendly place, but that might just be my perspective as I have always gone with my mother who is close friends with one of the ladies who works there. Its way out of my price range generally as it stocks labels such as Gerry Webber, Betty Barclay, Oska, James Lakeland, Basler, Marcona, Lucia, Doris Streich etc. All of which are lovely but less for students more for ladies my mother's age not because they're old lady clothes, more because of prices. Over the years, she has bought some aabsolutely beautiful pieces from there, some of which I may have to blog about at some point. I have a few pieces from there, which will end up being blogged at some point because they are lovely.

Support your local businesses!

{Hooded Spring Cape ~ ASOS Curve ~ £31 (SALE ITEM)}

I am not too enthused by this one. I like the style, especially the hood and the big buttons, but the colour? No, no, no, no, no. Not for me at all. But I thought I'd include it because it is sale, so very affordable and I bet some ladies could absolutely rock this cape.

{Check Hooded Cape ~ M&S ~ £69}

Sorry for the tiny, grainy pictures, I am bad at the computer stuff and the Marks website confused and frustrated me when trying to get a big picture.

I do like this cape though. The check is lovely and the colours would blend into my wardrobe really easily, but my problem is.... If you're getting a cape, do you really want to blend in? I think if you're going for something as unusual and fashion forward as a cape you should go for something a bit showier. But if you don't take that view, this could be the cape for you. Plus its a little less expensive.

{Oversized Check Cocoon Coat ~ M&S ~ £99}

This while not technically a cape, well, I just had to include it because I tried it on when I was in Marks and it was lovely. I immediately said it was bag lady chic and I say that as a total compliment. I love that shabby chic look and this totally plays into that beautifully.

{Terracotta Contrast Band Cape ~ Dorothy Perkins ~ £29.50}

Technically not an overcoat/outerwear more of a top, but still a cape. For those of us who are not ready for the full cape experience or are not ready to stock up for the autumn/winter season, which by the way is my favourite season. I cannot wait to break out my winter coats.

What trends are you guys enthusing about? Any others looking forward to A/W '11?

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