Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beauty Finds: Sleek Pout Paint

 I saw on Sunday Girl that Superdrug were having a sale on some day and night vitamin e creams. I am trying to get into a better skin care routine, but I figured I may as well buy a cheaper option incase I fall out of the habit. Less money wasted that way.

While I was there I, of course, checked out the make-up. I love make-up, but get a bit bored with the whole red/pink/nude lip and dark eyes thing. Sometimes its nice to be unusual or change it up a bit.

So I was delighted when looking at the Sleek stand that they had blue lip paint. Yes, blue, like really blue. The colour is called Peek-A-Bloo. I had a sparkly light blue lipstick with matching nail varnish my mother bought me from John Lewis when I was young. I adored it and couldn't understand why so many make-up stands didn't have colourful lipsticks.

So seeing this was really exciting for me.

 On, the pout paint is really lovely. A good texture, not sticky, not drying and you only need a very small amount to get full coverage. It says on the tube you can mix it with other colours from the range, so you can be sure I'll be going back to pick up some more.

It is also very bright! I was surprised as I mostly get dissapointed by lip products being a more muted shade than I expected. I cannot wait to wear this out and about.
Only problem is it really makes me want to dye my hair blue again. I love the dark blue I had a few years ago. That or lilac. Hmmm....

I also visited Lush, which is like my happy place. It smells gorgeous, has wonderful products and the friendliest, most helpful staff you will ever find. I think I'll review a few products as I use them.
I went into Lush to get this solid "The Smell of Freedom" perfume. I hadn't even smelled it. As a libertarian, I just loved the name! But it does smel really nice. Not floral or sweet like a lot of perfume. Very natural. I cannot describe it well enough.

I never intended this blog to be about beauty products at all, but I figure if I try something I may as well share if its any good or not. I am not the best with make-up, but maybe being able to blog about it will give me the impetus to be better.

Bought any nice beauty products lately? Has any tried any other Sleek products?

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