Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Off Topic: Beagles!

My mum is buying a new dog. She decided the breed would be beagles. So I had to come home to visit them in the Carnforth area. They're called Fallowfield Beagles. Christine the breeder was lovely and we saw the two 5 week old beagles dogs to choose from. We would have gladly taken both!

I, of course, tried to take pictures, but was largely unsuccessful. They were so wriggly and bouncy!

The first four terrible pictures are mine. The last is off the Fallowfield Beagle website. We chose the little guy on the left in the last picture, who is also the dog in the third picture chewing my mother's fingers. The other pictures are all of the other beagle. I couldn't get a good shot of ours he was jumping around and playing too much. He was totally gorgeous. :)

Its going to be pretty strange though. This is the first dog my parents have had which isn't also my dog. Living in Leeds will mean I am not a huge part of this dog's life, which makes me a bit sad. I'm sure when I do see him it will be lovely and I'll still be a part of his family.

Are you guys dog people or cats types?

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