Sunday, October 09, 2011

OotD and More Explanations.

{Black Maxi Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Cropped Bird Jumper: Marks and Spencers}

Ok, I am back in lovely, lovely Leeds. Unfortunately the internet here has been really incredibly buggy, so I haven't been able to post for awhile. Also my mum can no longer take lovely pictures of me in our huge garden. I may try and get my roommate to take pics if I dress up particuarly nicely.

To be honest because of a week of unseasonable heat all you would have seen is me in mismatched t-shirts and skirts trying desperately to stay cool. I do badly in hot weather.

Above is my first autumn outfit as it began to thankfully cool. I think this jumper from Marks is going to be showing up a lot over the winter. It is so comfy and just different enough (cropped, dip back hem, print) that it makes a simple outfit like a solid black maxi dress pretty interesting.

I wore this to my first fashion evening course. Oh yes, I am learning to sew. Unfortunately as its very basic everyone will be making a size 12 skirt..... Good for the size 12s in my class, less so for me. But you know, the teacher explained that its for simplicity's sake. She is also super nice, so it doesn't bother me. If I keep going next year I can learn to gradiate and sew things for me. :)

I have also been experimenting with my hair. I have spent a year with my short ultra blond spiky look and I love it. I've grown it out a little and I'm playing around with backcombing about 6 years after it was popular. Haha. Here is one result:

Unfortunately I took the shot in a room where the walls are almost the same colour as my hair. Will try again in a different part of the house.

Also, Maybelline Cat Eyes Colossal Volume Mascara is love. I love sixties make-up, all cat eyes and nude lips, so I heartedly recommend this mascara for a natural feline flick.

How are you guys doing?

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