Sunday, October 23, 2011

OotD: Colour Blocking and Midi Length

 {Colour Block Dress ~ Evans, Midi Length Cardigan ~ Next, Brown Ankle Boots ~ Clarks, Sparkly Tights ~ Marks and Spencers}

Ok, I have been pretty demotivated recently clothes wise (polyvore has distracted me) and tomorrow I am going home to Manchester. Hopefully I'll wear something more exciting while I'm there. I thought I'd at least show you how I styled this dress from this previous post.

I bought this long cardigan last year, but never wore it. I think it may become a staple for me this winter. It is really comfy and I like the length. This dress is quite short for me, so putting something longer over it helps me to become more comfortable with wearing shorter dresses.

Once again thanks to my flatmate for taking the picture.

I adore these boots. I got them at John Lewis, where they do not sell size 9s even though Clarks do go up to that size. I checked on the Clarks website at the time and they were sold out of my size. So when I went back to John Lewis I tried a size 8 in desperation. They do fit, but I couldn't walk all day in them. I love them so much, a little discomfort doesn't bother me. I can no longer mock women who wear high heels so tall they hurt their feet though. I am just as bad.

How are you guys? Anyone else ever bought shoes a size too small just because they love them? Don't leave me hanging, guys!

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