Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OotD: Edgy Tan

{Distressed Grey Top ~ Next, Tan Trousers ~ Marks and Spencers, Long Cardigan ~ Next, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

I have for many years hated tan, infact anything brown was immediately dismissed. I am slowly questioning this thought process and trying to be open minded about fashion.

There has been a lot of camel and neutral tones in the shops recently and I thought it was about time I tried to incorporate these colours into my wardrobe as I have been quite attracted to them as of late. One of the main reasons I have rejected brown/tan is because I believed it did not fit my aesthetic, which tends to live on the edgy/rocker side of the line.

I bought these trousers at M&S and fell in love. They are so comfy. They are as comfy as leggings. I was seriously impressed, but still a little recitent. So I paired them up with a distressed, beat up grey t-shirt, a long cardigan and my creepers to make them less preppy. I think I have made tan trousers a bit more me.

Sorry for the bad picture this was at the end of a very long dog walk. :)

Here is a quick (very bad) picture of me after being to the Bobbi Brown counter at John Lewis. Unfortunately it was dark when I got back, so the magic the lady at the counter did is not so evident.

I have red tinged skin. I have had bad skin since I was about eleven. I had a pretty turbulent adolescence and did nothing about my skin. It didn't matter to me, there were bigger things at play. I didn't take care of myself at all. In the grand scheme of things I didn't matter and I suffered in many ways, but the damage of my skin is the most visible long term effect.

Recently, I have become a lot happier. I feel I have a lot more control in my life and I have been taking much better care of myself. I try to eat better, get out more and have set up a skincare regime. I even splashed out on Lush products so I can take luxurious baths now and again. I am trying to create some 'me-time'. I don't think that's self indulgent. I think its good for your mental health.

I will blog about my purchases tomorrow as they are so beautiful they need a post of their own. But I will say I have in this picture tinted moisturiser, eye brightner and blush from Bobbi Brown on. I feel gorgeous. This does not happen to me often.

Anyone splashed out recently, on clothes or cosmetics?

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