Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OotD: Kooky Art Student

I am back from Wales, where I had a fabulous time with my mother and our dog, Eccles. Lots of beach walks and time to chat with my mother, which is always great.

I got back yesterday, slept badly, felt a bit rough, so I decided to dress up to pick up my mood. Tuesday's are fashion lesson days at Leeds College of Art, so decided to let out my inner art student. This came out a bit odd/mismatched, but I adores it. Sometimes I forget that fashion can be fun too.

 {Animal Print Cardigan ~ Florence and Fred at Tesco, Benedict Cumberbatch T-Shirt ~ Ebay, Leatheretter Pleated Skirt ~ Primark, Hot Pink Leggings ~ Gisela Ramirez, Bow Headband ~ Claire's Accessories, Flowery Boots ~ Alegria}

I was going to do a fun face of make-up to go with, but ran out of time after taking awhile to choose my clothes. Story of my life. I am usually either in interesting clothes or interesting make-up, hardly ever both because I am sloooooow and never give myself enough time.

I have never worn this cardigan before, but the buttoning the top button is quite cute, quirky and retro, so it may come into a rotation a bit more.

I said awhile ago I would review my Gisela Ramirez haul from the sale, but a quick word on the leggings. COMFORTABLESEXYWICKEDCOOL. Seriously, I am still wearing them now. I may never take them off. This probably means I will buy the other colours now. Bye bye, frugal days.

Thank you very much to my flatmate who took the pictures. She's a star and posts her cool anime-style art on tumblr, a website I do not understand.

Sorry for the terrible shot of my boots. They are like the flowery doc martens you can get but in Alegria's style. Satin ribbons laces too!

I bought them in a shop in Pwllheli called Osborne Footwear this weekend while in Wales. I cannot reccomend these guys enough. They are a lovely couple, who are always very accomodating and friendly. They also remembered me from the few times I have been there over the summer. The lady even remembered my shoe size and the fact i had expressed interest in these Alegria boots. I own a pair of Alegria sandals and they are so comfortable and always get a compliment. I had probably mentioned my interest a month ago, possibly more and she brought out the size 9 boots which had just come in.

It was fate.

I popped them on and fell deep in love. I thought the leggings or the bow would get remarks from my fellow students, but the boots stole the show.

How are you guys? Anyone been playing dress up recently?

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