Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sian Actually Tried Something On?! Part 1.

I hate trying clothes on. I said it. It is usually hot, uncomfortable, slightly humiliating all while listening to terrible, terrible music. Plus when things don't fit most shops (apart from Evans) don't have a size up. I prefer internet shopping. There is a larger choice (pun!), lots of places do fast, free delivery and I don't have to vernture through the horror of the sales in person.

This week I decided to stop internet shopping and try a little IRL shopping. Mainly because I over order and over spend online, somehow it never seems like real money, whereas in shops it feels all too real. So to save a little money, get out a bit and get some pictures for the blog I went out three days last week and here is part 1 of my trip

{Blue Top ~ Marks and Spencers, Skinny Jeans ~ Marks and Spencers}

DAY ONE: Primark.

I basically only get underwear and nightwear from primark. I've looked at the clothes before, but never bought or tried anything on due to it looking a little small. This day, I took the plunge.

I tried on some leather shorts, a leather dress and some awesome plaid short/skort dungarees. None of which fitted. :(

If anyone knows where I can get leather shorts in 20/22 not ridiculously expensive you may have my very (worn out) soul.

{Leather Skirt ~ Primark, size 20, £14}

The very last thing I tried was, of course, the only thing that fitted. This pleated leatherette skirt. I love leather and have no problem with real leather I just can't afford it! At £14 it had to be mine. So much for saving money. ;)

DAY TWO: New Look

I have also never shopped in New Look in person, but own a couple of t-shirts that I bought online. I have to say I find their plus range, Inspire very ironically named. So I thought I'd look around the sale and the straight sizes to see if I could blag anything.

{Benedict Cumberbatch T-Shirt ~ Ebay, Skinny Jeans ~ Marks and Spencer}

I gotta say, I adore this t-shirt and if I had money to frivously spend I would buy a few more in different colours. I am obsessed with all things Sherlock Holmes. I would do very bad things to Benedict Cumberbatch. Hehe.

{Waistcoat Hoody ~ New Look, £?}

I loved this. Seriously anything with a twist on a suit item and I am drooling. Unfortunately I would need like 3 sizes up for this to close. I had to show it you guys anyway because it is amazing, especially the label.

{Star Shirt ~ New Look, Size 18, £8}

I am loving the star trend and will grab anything with a star print. You can't see in the picture, but it had a dipped back hem. I wasn't blown away, so I didn't buy.

I am trying to only buy pieces I am in love with instead of just good deals which I will then never wear.

{Star Tank ~ New Look, Size 18, £7}

This I liked. I know you can see my muffin top/tire round my waist, but you know what you can in a lot of what I wear. I'm not one to try and disguise the fact I have a big stomach, but once again I didn't buy. Its a bit summery so I won't get wear out of it and it wasn't a total love connection.

It is good to see that there are some items in the straight size section of New Look that plus size girls could wear. I did see a pair of what can only be described as sequin bedazzled hot pants. I really wanted them. I don't know why. They only had up to 16 and they don't seem to exist online. Sad times.

Right, I don't want to go all TL;DR, so I will stop here and add the next part tomorrow. You guys tried anything nice on recently?

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