Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sian Actually Tried Something On?! Part 2. Plus Off to Wales Again.

Here is part 2 of my trying on clothes extravaganza! Oh yes, I know how to start a blog post off big. :P

Day Two cont.: Evans

 {Sienna Couture Rose Net Top ~ Size 20, Evans, £32 (I think)}

Now, I have to admit I have a big weakness for what my mother would term 'string vests'. Anything that reminds me of gothic romance or cobwebs and I am sold. Hook, line and sinker. And I did love this top. It was light, comfortable, not constrictive in anyway and the rose detail on the front is lovely. If I had teh cash it would have been mine, but my frugal mind won me over. I have other lovely net/mesh tops which I don't wear enough.

 {Colourblock Dress ~ Size 20, Evans, £20}

Sale item alert! I have been watching this dress online and wonsering whether it would suit me pretty much since its been on the website. So imagine my joy when I spotted a large selection of these in the sale section.

I like a sixties vibe dress and they are hard to find in a larger range, but this captures the trend well without being too costume like. I love a costume, but not every day.

This dress is comfortable, stylish and made me feel fabulous, which given my hatred of trying clothes on is pretty amazing. I even did a little dance to the cheesy music they pump into the changing rooms. So it was an obvious buy. I fell deeply in love and that's my main criteria for buying clothes these days.

{Bandeau Jumpsuit ~ Size 20, Evans, I cannot remember the price}

Ok, I do not own a jumpsuit. I own a few playsuits, but never even tried on a jumpsuit. I was feeling a little silly, happy and playfull, so I thought why not try it on? Who knows it might look good?

It did not. I laughed, so hard looking at myself in this. But I thought I'd include it in the round up anyway. I don't mind looking big or even bigger than I am, but this highlighted my belly so much it was ridiculous! I fear I am just not a jumpsuit person.

I remind myself of Dr. Robotnik from the Sonic the hedgehog games in this! Haha.

Day Two cont: Next

{Sequin shirt ~ Size 20, Next}

While I was out I noticed alot of sequins and usually I am not a glitzy girl, but there were some pieces that were done really nicely. This shirt was nice, but a bit too tight and though I've seen 22 on Next's website they never seem to exist in store. The lining part of the shirt is very clingy and it just felt a bit contrictive to me.

{Leather Leggings ~ Size 20, Next}

These were bloody lovely. I am so in love with leather recently and would love some trousers, leggings or shorts in this material. And I would have bought these, but what you cannot see in this picture is that they aren't done up at the top. I probably would need a 24/26 for these to actually fit at the waist. Otherwise they were lovely. Soft on the inside, good fit on the legs, shiny but not tacky looking. If only they were a bit bigger. C'est la vie.

{Glittery Brogues ~ Size 9, Next, £19}

It is a bitch getting shoes in my size. I was sorely tempted by these, but I have some excellent brogues and would like some silver glittery shoes if I can find any in size 9. Possibly even wedges or block heels like I saw in New Look. Hmmm...

Day Three: Dorothy Perkins

 {Black Coat ~ Monsoon, White T-Shirt ~ Dorothy Perkins, Trousers with Braces ~ ASOS Curve}

 I bought this coat around three/four years ago. It does me very well all winter. Warm and stylish. Love it. These trousers I bought a couple of months ago in the ASOS sale. I love a bit of adrogyny. Anything suit like that fits me well I will snap up in an instant. I will say these trousers are warm, comfortable and have several button holes so the braces are adjustable, but I did rip off on of the back buttons leaning over in paperchase. Very embarassing, but no one noticed and I am a dab hand at sewing on buttons, but it had to be mentioned.

{Tan Leather Skirt ~ Size 20, £12}

Another item I've had my eye on for awhile. Glad I saw it in the sale in store as it is nothing like the picture on the website. For some reason I thought it was knee length. It is not. Nor is it very nice material. Very plasticy. I had to pass even at this very low price.

{Shirt with leather detailing ~ Size 20, £17}

Also a sale item. I am on the look out for decent collared shirts, but they never seem to fit me right. This one was bizarrely tight around my shoulders and bust. This struck me as odd because relative to my size I have a small chest and I've never had problems with my shoulders in anything else. I liked the buttons and detailing, but this also had to head to the reject pile.

I hope you enjoyed my little trying on experiment. Next time I will remember to take my good camera with me, so the pictures will be of higher quality. It has reminded me that I am really very lucky. I have loads of shops incredibly close by that I can try things on at. If I were one or two sizes bigger that would cut right down to just Evans. I hope a Simply Be store opens in Leeds so there is a greater choice of pluse size stores locally. Everyone should be able to try things on before they buy them. No matter how great an online store is you should have a real life alternative.

I am off to Wales with my mother and the dog very early tomorrow morning so no posts from till Tuesday/Wednesday probably. Yay for mini weekend breaks!

How are you guys? Anyone bought anything fabulous recently?


  1. Have fun! I'm in love with the sparkly shoes . x hivenn

  2. I hope you got the colorblock dress, sequin shirt and glitter oxfords!