Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am Super Rubbish.

This time last week I noticed I had £5 in credit at green man gaming, so I went through the bargain deals to see if anything struck my fancy. Nothing did, so I turned to the only place any girl should when she's looking for video game advice her oldest brother. He pushed me towards the 5th Elders Scrolls game Skyrim which had recently come out. Cue a week later, I have barely emerged from my video game induced haze. I haven't read a single blog post or worn an even remotely nice outfit since.

I am currently visiting my mother who has got a new puppy, there will be pictures on monday. :)

FAO geeks: I am a level 26 warrior-thief Imperial who has played a quite embarassing 54 hours who has killed 6 dragons. I LOVE THIS GAME.

Normal service will resume soon enough. :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ootd: Monochrome Stripes

My flatmate took some photos of me on Monday, but I haven't put them till today because I've been feeling a bit run down. Plus on Monday my flatmate and I witnessed a pretty bad car accident and we were both really shook up and I forgot we'd taken photos till I just looked at my camera. Suffice to say I will be much more carefull crossing the road in town from now on.

Anyway, onto the clothes.

 {Black and White Stripe Jumper ~ Vintage, Black Knit Skirt ~ John Lewis for Women, Black and White Tights ~ eBay, Dog Brooch ~ Cath Kidston, Black Heels ~ Long Tall Sally, Silver Hoop Earrings ~ Accessorise}

I am the kind of person who rushes home from the shops, giddy and planning outfits for the next day. If I have something new it will either be worn straight away or put at the back of my wardrobe and I'll feel guilty for not wearing it as much as I should.

This vintage jumper I bought at the vintage fair was thankfully in the first category. I saw black and white and decided to go monochrome, one of my favourite looks.

You can also see the wonderful carpet and curtains in my flat. This is not my own choice. Haha.
I love this skirt and don't wear it enough. It is super comfortable and very versatile. Though from what I've seen recently I haven't been able to find anything above a size 16 in store for John Lewis for Women. This is a little sad as they had some nice things and there aren't any other plus size retailers working in the John Lewis I visit apart from the lovely, but extremely expensive Chesca. 

I also did a set on polyvore to find the best approximation of what I wore that day. Don't know if this will become a reccuring theme or just something I did due to boredom. ;P
OotD: Monochrome Flair

{Gold Resin Skull Ring ~ Made by Me, Nail Varnish ~ Shimmer by Next and Black Crackle by OPI}

First piece of jewellery I've made that I've also blogged about!

I made this golden resin skull and decided against turning it into a pendant like other resin pieces I've made. Instead I thought it looked really cool as a ring. I love big glittery unconventional rings. I think this fits that bill.

All the pink marks, lipstick tests. I wanted a bright pink, like Barry M 52 (I think?), but they didn't have it stock and I didn't like anything I tested as much.

Anyone else have the giddy compulsion to wear new items straight away?

Monday, November 07, 2011

OotD: A Multitude of Sizes

{Wasted Youth T-Shirt ~ Topshop, Black Skinny Jeans ~ Marks and Spencers, Bolero ~ Evans, Star Print Scarf ~ Vintage, Fingerless Gloves ~ Primark, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

Technically outfit of Saturday, but there we go.
It struck me as I put on the below sequin dress that sizing in shops is bizarre. In the above item I am wearing a size 16 t-shirt, size 20 jeans and a size 24 bolero.... That shouldn't happen right? That I can wear simultaneously a 16 and a 24? That is four sizes difference.

In a way it also tells me I shouldn't be constrained by the label in my clothes. Just because I am generally a size 20 deosn't mean I can't look at clothes smaller or bigger than that and as many plus sizers say "Make it work".

{Black Sequin Dress ~ Dorothy Perkins}

 I saw this dress in the window and before you know it I'm in the changing room. Suprising this dress is only about £30. Not bad for a sequined dress really. It is also really pretty in person, just the right amount of shine and glitter, so it isn't tacky.

Unfortunately I need a size up for comfort which they did not have in store. Plus I really shouldn't be spending at the moment even though I have an ASOS wishlist as long as my arm. Oh the midi skirts and jumpers.....

Anyone seen any other plus size sequin dresses about? Or are you guys hating this trend?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair --- Leeds

Today I went to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in the Corn Exchange in Leeds city centre.

I keep surprising myself with the things I will do that I could not do last year. Last year, I would have seen the poster, noted the name, looked at the website and desperately wanted to go. I would not have gone, last year. I would have been embarassed to go on my own, I would have been embarassed to take my large frame somewhere it might not be wanted. I would have been afraid of scorn and a room full of size 0 dresses and nothing else.

Thankfully, these days I talk myself into rather than out of events. I'm really glad I went. It was an interesting day out and I saw some really beautiful and inspiring pieces.

There was so much fur! I like fur and have no ethical problems with it. As far as I see if you eat it, why not be reasonable and use its whole body? Anyway, there were fur capes, vests, coats, shrugs, scarfs and collars. I have never seen so much fur.
Here are a few of my highlights:

Stripey  Maxi Dress ~ First XL item I saw. I got a bit excited. Not my type of dress, but I loved the print. As you may be able to tell I have found my camera, which is much better than my crappy phone camera.

Not plus sized, but I just loved it. There were quite a few sequined flapper dresses about, none of them plus sized unfortunately. I am on the look for a flapper dress as I think they are just beautiful.

Fell in love with this dress too. I love the vertical stripes, long sleeves, collar, knee length and the colour combination of black and olive. Gorgeous. Also tiny, but plenty inspiring.

There were quite a few 80s style oversized jumpers. Perfect for the plus sized among us. Also a lot of batwing and interesting colours and patterns. I loved these two the red and black is so my style and the blue is amazingly vibrant.

If this was an inch or so bigger they would have fit. Real shame as the record print is right up my street. They're also cullotte, which is pretty interesting.

Another stripey dress. I didn't realise I was so into vertical stripes until I looked at the pictures I taken today. I should so write a post about my love/hate relationship with stripes.

So many sequins, in so many fabulous colours. The sequins made me very happy.

This oversized striped (Stripes again!) black and white jumper is from Flock LDN. This looked like the only thing from their collection that would fit me, but everything was very beautiful. This jumper was only £12, which is great really as I would pay over double that on a site like ASOS. It is soft and warm. No doubt it'll come into high rotation over the winter.

Anyone else buy vintage? What is your best vintage/thrifted haul?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


As someone who is as jewellery obsessed as me I find it hard to believe I have yet to blog about jewellery at all.

I love jewellery. I love wearing, buying, staring at, designing and creating jewellery.

Inspirational Jewellery

Here is a selection of high end jewellery which inspires me.

I actually really want one of those sequin brooches as they are only £15, but they're currently sold out of S. :(

My greatest jewellery obsession at the moment is the collar. This ASOS example is beautiful. I especially like the ring detail at the front. As someone with a big neck this probably won't fit me. This is one of the reasons I want to go into jewellery design so I can make these amazing pieces for all sizes.

What jewellery are you lusting after at the moment?