Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am Super Rubbish.

This time last week I noticed I had £5 in credit at green man gaming, so I went through the bargain deals to see if anything struck my fancy. Nothing did, so I turned to the only place any girl should when she's looking for video game advice her oldest brother. He pushed me towards the 5th Elders Scrolls game Skyrim which had recently come out. Cue a week later, I have barely emerged from my video game induced haze. I haven't read a single blog post or worn an even remotely nice outfit since.

I am currently visiting my mother who has got a new puppy, there will be pictures on monday. :)

FAO geeks: I am a level 26 warrior-thief Imperial who has played a quite embarassing 54 hours who has killed 6 dragons. I LOVE THIS GAME.

Normal service will resume soon enough. :)

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