Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ootd: Monochrome Stripes

My flatmate took some photos of me on Monday, but I haven't put them till today because I've been feeling a bit run down. Plus on Monday my flatmate and I witnessed a pretty bad car accident and we were both really shook up and I forgot we'd taken photos till I just looked at my camera. Suffice to say I will be much more carefull crossing the road in town from now on.

Anyway, onto the clothes.

 {Black and White Stripe Jumper ~ Vintage, Black Knit Skirt ~ John Lewis for Women, Black and White Tights ~ eBay, Dog Brooch ~ Cath Kidston, Black Heels ~ Long Tall Sally, Silver Hoop Earrings ~ Accessorise}

I am the kind of person who rushes home from the shops, giddy and planning outfits for the next day. If I have something new it will either be worn straight away or put at the back of my wardrobe and I'll feel guilty for not wearing it as much as I should.

This vintage jumper I bought at the vintage fair was thankfully in the first category. I saw black and white and decided to go monochrome, one of my favourite looks.

You can also see the wonderful carpet and curtains in my flat. This is not my own choice. Haha.
I love this skirt and don't wear it enough. It is super comfortable and very versatile. Though from what I've seen recently I haven't been able to find anything above a size 16 in store for John Lewis for Women. This is a little sad as they had some nice things and there aren't any other plus size retailers working in the John Lewis I visit apart from the lovely, but extremely expensive Chesca. 

I also did a set on polyvore to find the best approximation of what I wore that day. Don't know if this will become a reccuring theme or just something I did due to boredom. ;P
OotD: Monochrome Flair

{Gold Resin Skull Ring ~ Made by Me, Nail Varnish ~ Shimmer by Next and Black Crackle by OPI}

First piece of jewellery I've made that I've also blogged about!

I made this golden resin skull and decided against turning it into a pendant like other resin pieces I've made. Instead I thought it looked really cool as a ring. I love big glittery unconventional rings. I think this fits that bill.

All the pink marks, lipstick tests. I wanted a bright pink, like Barry M 52 (I think?), but they didn't have it stock and I didn't like anything I tested as much.

Anyone else have the giddy compulsion to wear new items straight away?

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