Thursday, December 22, 2011

Confessions and a gothy little ootd.

I am sorry for my more than a month of silence. I will confess that I have bipolar disorder II, which on occassion makes self care the most important and only thing I am capable of. I have spent this month trying to sleep, eat, shower and get out of bed. It sounds ridiculous, but going outside, let alone wearing something blog worthy often seemed beyond my grasp.

I am now home in Manchester and in my family home, which often worsens my condition. I love my family, but they make me crazy sometimes!

Though this does mean I can get my mother to take pictures again. Here are todays:

 {Black Top ~ TK Maxx, Black Shorts ~ Florence and Fred at Tesco's, Black Tights ~ Marks and Spencers, Creepers ~ Underground, Necklace ~ ASOS}

Today I was in a fuck you mood. So I decided to wear a top I'd always wanted to wear as a dress and well wear it as a dress! I figured with shorts underneath for modesty's sake when playing with dogs it would be fine. I mean its got long sleeves and a fairly high neckline. So I went for it. I went to Tesco's to get some groceries for my mother and a woman stopped in front of me and said "Dear God." and walked away pretty fast. May have been about something else, but I kinda hope it was about my clothes. Today I felt like stepping out of the shadows which fat bodies are shoved into. I exist and I want to dress like this. :)

 {Lipstick ~ Topshop's "On the Town", Mascara ~ Maybelline Cat Eyes}

Who knows, it might have been about my bird's nest of hair! My hair went totally frizzy when I slept on it wet, so I backcombed the hell out of it and slicked on some war paint.

Eccles and Dylan playing on the lawn.

I love seeing my dogs. The beagle is new! He's 12 weeks old and called Dylan. He is a right little monster.

I will be posting a bit more reguarly from now on hopefully even if it is a random post about whatever is on my mind at that moment. I'm also thinking about changing my URL as I think I'm going for a more personal blog than one completely devoted to fashion and the plus size world. Hmmmm......

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