Monday, December 26, 2011

Outfit of Boxing Day 2011!

Fairly stressful day today, but it is almost over.

I tend to be very liable to deep depression and high anxiety when I go home. To combat this I am trying to focus on self care. Some days that means doing a bit less, taking myself out of stressful situations or getting out of the house. Today it meant wearing my new faux leather trousers and feeling like a boss. ;)

{Fall From Grace T-Shirt ~ Topshop, Mock Leather Trousers ~ Gelco @ Gray and Osbourn, Black Nail Polish ~ MUA, Face ~ Result of talking to my grandmother too long}

These trousers are heavenly. My lovely mother bought me them for Christmas from the gray and osbourn sale. I have no hips and these do not sag or gape, they fit just perfectly. They also go up to a size 26! Though I'd suggest sizing up, so maybe just to a real life 24. Still pretty good. I love that my mum listens to me moan about clothes. I've been bemoaning the fact I couldn't find any fair quality, afforable leather (or faux leather) trousers, so what do I get for xmas? :)

Also, don't dismiss topshop because you're plus sized. I've got some of my most comfortable t-shirts from there. I fell in love with this one because of my current angels and Supernatural fixation. (coughMishaCollinscough) I am a size 20 and wear there size 16 t-shirts just fine. They never feel too small on me, but it depends if you like things oversized or snug I suppose.

I did a set on polyvore for my other presents

My Christmas Presents!

And I still haven't got my full pressies from my brothers yet, so that's something to look forward to. :)

Hope you all had wonderful holidays. xx

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