Sunday, January 15, 2012

FotD: Low Key Ice Queen

I cannot really dress up all that often with my leg in a cast and my life isn't quite rife enough with drama to be all that entertaining. So I've been thinking about ways I can still blog because I do love it. The blogs I like the most are personal style and beauty blogs. I am no make-up artist, to be honest I only worked out blush a couple of months ago. But I have time and I just put down a nice little order at Illamasqua and Boots, so maybe I'll be doing some swatches and looks over the next few weeks.

The day I had my accident a package arrived. A bright pink package from Lime Crime. I only just remembered about it today, but I was bored so I had a little play.

{Lipstick: No She Didn't ~ Lime Crime, Eyeshadow: Navajo ~ Bobbi Brown, Island Sea ~ No7, Glitter Liquid Eyeliner: 15 ~ Barry M, Mascara: Lash 360 ~ No7}

I should have stuck some foundation on, but I am lazy and tbh I don't care that my skin looks terrible. ;)

Lots of people have ccommented on the formula of Lime Crime lipsticks and though I don't care for their business practices I have no problems with the lipstick itself. It doesn't particularly dry out my lips.

I got a number seven free gift from Grandmother like every year. I was a bit dissapointed by the eyeshadow. It looks like a nice metallic blue, but acheives an incredibly sheer look. So if you like subtle it could be the eyeshadow for you. I tend not to go subtle if I do make-up..... As you may be able to tell.

I love this liquid eyeliner. My hands aren't the steadiest in the world, so I always thought I would never be able to do liquid eyeliner. This glitter formula is great to work with though and could be smudged over the eyeshadow to give a more high glitter sheen. Barry M are my make-up bffs though.

I hope to get better at photography and will put a bit more effort in now I have more time.

Anyone recc any interesting beauty blogs or youtube accounts?

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