Friday, February 24, 2012

The Big Come Back

Hey guys!

So I had my cast off at the start of the week and I can now put weight on my foot, so I can walk around slowly, but way better than when I couldn't put any weight on it. More importantly, I can wear jeans and tights again! Oh jeans, I missed you, let us never part again. 

6 weeks is too long without playing around with my clothes. So I decided to have a play today seeing as I was out to the opticians anyways.

 {Denim Dress ~ ASOS Curve, Blue Petticoat ~ Domino Dollhouse, Web Tights ~ TK Maxx, Badges ~ ASOS, Creepers ~ London Underground}

So as soon as I saw this ASOS dress I was in love. It is a great length and I may sounds like a prude, but I like a high neckline. This may come from a life in t-shirts. I like a collar and top button buttoned. :)

Unfortunately I did have a few problems with this dress. I originally ordered it in a UK22, which from ASOS generally gives me a great fit, a little loose, but I tend to prefer that. I could not button a 22, so I sent a 24, which is what I am wearing today. It is a little tight but I like it. I think being bed bound for 6 weeks has made me gain a bit of weight as my loose jeans are now a little tight.

Oh well, I'm back on my feet slowly that should send me back to my steady 20/22 size. :)

Haha, awkward pose is awkward. I will get better at this! I promise.

Can I talk about the bright blue elephant in the room? (No, not me!)

The petticoat! Oh the petticoat! I am in love. I got a few things in the last Domino Dollhouse sale and was pleased with all the items, but the petticoat blew me away. It is so soft and light. I don't even know I've got it on. Its that comfortable. Plus the colour is gorgeous, really vibrant. When I get some pocket money, I'll think I'll be getting a few other colours too. :)

I got these cute buttons in the ASOS sale. They're a studded peace sign on a checkerboard background and a big bright pink googly eye smile.

I am wearing Illamasqua lipstick in Fetish. It is way more gorgeous in real life.

Obligatory dog pictures.
Dylan frowns in confusion. 
Dylan looks pleadingly at the strange girl who keeps pointing boxes at him.

He is adorable and getting really big!

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