Saturday, February 25, 2012

Illamasqua Lipstick Swatches

Hey, guys!

Now, I'm not a huge make-up person, I can't do those amazing smoking eyes or make my skin flawless and luminescent, but lipstick? I love lipstick. Most days if I want to wear make-up I'll stick some lipstick, maybe some mascara.

When it comes to lipstick I either like them alternative or bold, so I was so happy when I found the brand Illasmasqua, which has both! Plus Illamasqua are a British brand and I love to support my country's retailers.

Over the last few months I've bought 5 lipsticks in the sales.

Left to right: Pristine, Perilous, Fetish, Atomic & Flare.

Pristine is described as "pure black, matt finish", which I completely agree with. It is a great opaque, high end black lipstick. The only other black lipstick I've used is Stargazer, which is great for my gothy teenage self, but this Illamasqua version feels much better on the lips. It is smooth, glides on nicely with full coverage in only 2 swipes.

Perilous is described as "bright apricot orange, matt finish", while it is orange I don't see it as that bright unless you build it up considerably. Compared to pristine it is a little chalkier and less smooth in application, which means it can look a little patchy. I can say that if you use a lip primer (I use Pixi Line & Prime), this problem goes away. Though all pictures here are without primer to show them on an ever field as it were.

Fetish is described as "bright blueberry violet, matt finish". This one I'm a little dissapointed with. The swatch on Illasmasqua'a website makes it look bright with a definite blueberry edge. On me, its a bit more ordinary and very patchy. The texture is nowhere near the smoothness of pristine.

Though I will say, I wore it yesterday in my last outfit post with Pixi's Lip Line & Prime and it was much smoother and looked better if not as good as the online swatch.

Atomic is described as "fuchsia violet". An apt desciption. I have been looking for a bright fuchsia for awhile now. I looked at Nars Schiap, Carthage, OCC Anime, Pretty Boy, Mac Show Orchid. They're all great colours, but didn't quite have the edge I was looking for. Then when I got an email from Illamasqua saying Flare was back in stock I saw Atomic.

The violet edge really makes this a beautiful fuchsia, very different from many lipsticks I've seen. The formula is also very good, it glides on smoothly and with complete coverage.

Flare is described as "bright orange", which is possibly an understatement. It is neon orange and absolutely beautiful. Seriously, my camera has not quite captured how gorgeously neon bright this is. If you like a bold lip, then this is for you.

This lipstick is a little drying, but I do not have the best lips in the world as is. I should really use lip balm more! It applies smoothly, but does show a few more lines and imperfections than I would like. Though once again I must say a simple lip liner or primer would sort this out fine.

Illamasqua lipsticks are £15.50 for 4 grams of product.

I have never paid this much for any of these lipsticks. I got two half price in the Christmas sale and the other three 20% off when Illamasqua hit 50,000 fans on facebook, so there is always opportunity to get a little more bang for your buck. ;)

Every order I have got from has also come with a small sample of Illamasqua's Freak perfume and a post card with the Freak art work on it.

My overall rating:
Pigmentation 9/10 (Opaque in one/two swipes)
Formula 6/10 (Great on some, not so great on others, which is dissapointing with such a high price point)
Price  7/10 (Worth it in some cases, but can be avoided due plentiful sales.)
Can be bought at Illamasqua's wesbite and also on ASOS.

Hope you liked my swatch round up. Probably not something I'll do all the time just when I've got a few of a brand and want to show how either amazing (or crap!) they are.

What do you guys think of Illamasqua?

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