Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff Style: Plus Size Edition

As much as women's magazines can frustrate me with their stereotyping, misogyny, fatphobia and general crapness, I read them. I love fashion news, runway shows, seeing what the cream of the crop of the shops are, editorial shoots and seeing the high end stuff I will never be able to afford.

The one name that has really struck me at the moment? Meadham Kirchhoff. If you haven't seen either of their last two shows, I really reccommend watching them. The intense saccarine, girliness, which is so over the top, it is satirical, like a parody of what is the be a girl.

It was really hard to find pieces in plus size stores which would work in this theme, but I guess accessorising is key here, so you could dress up a more plain outfit with lots of novelty style bits and bobs.

Plus Size Meadham Kirchhoff 1


Plus size party dress

Forever 21 top
$20 - forever21.com

Plus size blouse
$36 - asos.com

$8.06 - asos.com

Forever 21 nylon stocking
$4.80 - forever21.com

ASOS mary jane shoes
$54 - asos.com


ASOS ankle wrap sandals
$90 - asos.com

ASOS peace sign jewelry
$11 - asos.com

ASOS metal ring
$11 - asos.com

ASOS fascinator hat
$21 - asos.com

This set is shwoing the bright pastels and lots of accesories, which could create and interesting Meadham Kirchhoff style outfit. Flatforms, florals, petticoats and odd additions such as smiley face prints or a clock bag.

Plus Size Meadham Kirchhoff 2

This set is a little more toned down with coral as the main colour, which is girly but more wearable than bright pinks and lavender. The addition of texture in the first set was petticoats, but here it is feathers in the jacket.

And I  realise that I have left out two pairs of shoes I wanted to show you guys:

These beauties are from Evans. They are gorgeously tacky imho.

And these are from ASOS. I find them alluring, my mother says they look like something my grandmother would wear. I'm good with granny chic. :)

Hope you guys like this. What did you think of Meadham Kirchhoff and the novelty trend?

PS. I have a tumblr here, which I am slowly learning to use! Mainly its body politics, fashion, pictures of me, feminism, queer stuff and the occasional bit of fangirlish glee. (But no Glee.) :P

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