Saturday, April 07, 2012

I'm Alive and Doing Well.

Being back and forth to Wales so much, I pretty much forgot about my blog.... Well, I felt guilty for not posting, felt like I had nothing to post, so didn't post anything and the more I didn't post the guiltier I felt, so I 'forgot' about my blog.

I haven't posted life stuff here in awhile, which is silly because a lot has happened to me really. I may change my blog name as it feels too exclusivly fashion orientated atm.

On the 27th of March I had an interview at The Manchester College for a BTEC (A-level equivalent/sixth form/college) in Jewellery Design. I was super nervous, but made a pretty cool portfolio and I think really impressed them. I thought it would be a week or two at least before I got a confirmation, then Rowena said I had a place! I am over the moon about this, seriously I nearly cried in front of her. Starting September I will be doing what I really love and having an awesome time learning, hopefully.

I don't think I've posted any of my jewellery here before, but some of it can be seen at my deviantart account here.

Before I went into my interview I promised myself if I got in I would get music lessons. I adore music, it was really important to my sanity as a teenager and still really touches me as an adult (ish person). So I wanted to get guitar lessons. I have tried getting piano lessons as a child and it was awful, all my teachers just yelled at me, so I quit. Now I am committed to learning the guitar. I have my brother's old beaten up Squire Strat, which is being mended atm, plus I have time and fire on my side. Hopefully this will be enough.

My broken ankle is doing pretty well I walked around the huge Tesco's in Stockport yesterday with no crutches, some pain, but mainly from my back which I hurt trying to do too much while cleaning my room.

I often tell people I am an optimist and they scoff because I so often seem like a pessimist, but I'd say things are looking up right now and that's all that matters. :) xxxx

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