Friday, April 20, 2012

OotD: The Name's Cool.... Joe Cool!

  {Tartan Sweater ~ ASOS (Size 18), Puffball Skirt ~ ASOS CURVE (Size 22), Joe Cool Leggings ~ ASOS (Size 18), Creepers ~ Underground UK {Size 9), Celtic Triskellion Necklace ~ Local art gallery}

I have neglected my blog quite badly of late due to my leg having to heal and the fact I am back and forth to Wales so often. We are borrowing our neighbour's internet connection, so its a bit spotty and loading photos seems to take an age, but I loved what I wore today too much to let it linger in on my computer unloved. :)

I am in love with these leggings! I love Snoopy and even I am not a huge 80s fashion fan, the print is really nice. Its retro, but not too out there, more fun and playful, just like my very own Snoopy by my feet. Yes, Snoopy is a beagle, though our Dylan is a mad little ginger compared to Snoopy's more relaxed nature and white fur.

I was going to send this puffball skirt back, but time got away from me and it never happened. I'm quite glad about that now as its really grown on me. Its a bit more interesting than my other knee length skirts and the idea of this with these leggings really inspired me to style it up with a few more things, so you may be seeing more of it soon! :)

I may also post a few make-up reviews/face of the days as I have been trying to up my make-up skills of late.

How are you guys? Ever have a big fashion change of heart? Xxx

P.S Anyone watch/read Game of Thrones? I've seen the first series and I've almost finished the first book and I am in love! I've never read a book so quickly, fave characters = Dany, Jon Snow, Tyrion and Arya, I am so cliche, but I don't care. :)

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