Saturday, May 26, 2012

Formerly Sian's Fatshion Rags

Hi, this a quick post just to say I have changed a few things around here.

First, the name, to be honest I've hated that name since I wrote it down. I don't want this blog's main focus to be fatshion and that word is starting to bug me anyway. So this is me changing this blog from just OotDs to more about me, my craft projects, things I'm interested, maybe some wishlists, more reviews of companies, cosmetics and maybe books too. Also, when I get my books back from my place in Leeds, there may be some of my poetry, writing and no doubt some ranting on subjects, such as feminism, liberty, work, family and mental health.

So "Sort Life Out; Buy Milk"? Its actually a to do list I wrote in one of years at college. I think it sums up how all over the place I am. Though I am heading back into the education system, so I'm a bit more on track, I still feel this is a time of change for me. I hope you guys will stay with me for this journey.

Lastly, I am pretty bad at changing the layouts on blogger, but this I like. Its got a scribbly, notebook quality to it.

What do you guys think of my new direction and look? If anything doesn't work/is hard to read just send a comment and I'll try and make it work.

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