Monday, May 14, 2012

Ootd: Black & White With a Hint of Bright!

Haha, ok I am terrible at titles, but I'm tired, ok?

Here is another old set of photos from when I was in Wales. I thought I'd lost these too. :)

{Black Sheer Jumper ~ Oxfam Charity Shop, Black Vest ~ Marks & Spencers, Black & White Stripe Skirt ~ ASOS via ebay, Striped Footless Tights ~ Marks & Spencers, Green Lip Print Shoes ~ ASOS}

When this skirt came on the ASOS website I fell in love. I am a huge monochrome stripe fan and vertical stripes are the holy grail in my opinion. Unfortunately I was strapped for cash at the time and it sold out. I've seen it on loads of other bloggers, so sorry to bore you with it. When I saw it pop up on ebay I was ecstatic and couldn't help but grab it up. I am not disspointed it is super comfy and goes with everything in my wardrobe.

Sorry for the derpy face I was exhausted when this was taken. I wish I had a better shot of my winged eyeliner. It was the first time I used my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, which is fab.

The very best thing about this outfit imho is the shoes. I love shoes, but as someone with size 9 (UK) size feet finding nice shoes can be difficult. I check the ASOS website often because very occasionally something nice pops up in my size, but it won't be there for very long I can assure you.

I love the lip print and pointed toe on these. They're comfy and quite stylish if I do say so myself!

Sorry about the scars, but that's just how my skin is.

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