Monday, May 07, 2012

OotD: An Oldy, But a Goody.

As soon as I got my cast off last month, I immediately starting trying to dress up again, which was bizzarre after 3 months of dressing only in sweats and pyjamas. I still struggle a bit with being bothered. When you're in pain, getting dressed up nicely can seem like the last thing you want to do.

Other days, when I felt a little more lively I couldn't wait to wear all the items I couldn't when I had a cast: leggings, skinny jeans, cute skirts, tights, etc.

So here are some old pictures I thought I'd deleted by accident of me dressing up when I was still on crutches.

{Striped Top ~ Next, Black Skirt ~ Some shop in Amsterdam, Grey Leggings ~ Next, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

Our beagle, Dylan, is a photoshoot diva and my mum usually ends up taking more pictures of him than of me!

This top makes me feel ultra femme with an edge, so I, of course, had to wear my Illasmasqua "Femme" lipgloss. It is really gorgeous and intense in real life. Just the right pop of colour to go with my monochrome outfit.

This is why I love my mum taking my photo she always makes me do something silly! Check out my old glasses.

More Dylan, looking innocent, like he wouldn't bite you for no reason and destroy everything not nailed down in the house.

Sorry for the boring post, dolls! I'll try to update more regularly from now on. :)

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