Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OotD: Shakespeare & Crop Tops

 {Macbeth "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Crop Top ~ Tee & Cake at Topshop, Maxi Skirt ~ Sahara, Creepers ~ Underground, Glasses ~ KissKill}

Gotta admit, I am in love with the current crop top/bra top trend. Unfortunately getting one in my size is a bit of a challenge, I have the famouse Gisela Ramirez "Fuck Flattering" top, but that's in Leeds at the moment. When browsing Topshop's site for a bit of inspiration and jewellery shopping, I saw this top. I don't think I've mentioned on here, but I am literature geek, it was my favourite A-level and I tend to always have a book on me, I unfortunately couldn't hack it as a degree and since moving on from that have rediscovered my love of literature.

So a crop top with a Macbeth quote? Heaven.

I got it in a size 16 as the reviews said it was quite generous. Its a little snug, but I don't mind and it should be fun to pair with high waisted skirts through summer.

 {Bone Clips ~ Topshop, Spike Earrings ~ Topshop}

I love Topshop for jewellery and accesories, they always have some quite edgy pieces, like these massive earrings and bone hair clips. I know, I know, mixing silver and gold, what can I say, I'm a rebel. ;p

I've seen plenty of plus size girls on tumblr rocking a crop top while baring their midriff, while I am not quite brave enough to do this in public yet, it was nice to get a look at this crop top worn how it was designed to be worn.

I think now the weather (at in Britain) has gottten so warm I may start showing off my white as white can be tummy.

How about you guys? Anyone out there wearing crop tops this summer? Or are we anti-midriff?

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