Saturday, July 28, 2012

OotD: Tuck-in & Tartan

Good Morning, Sinners T-Shirt ~ Warren Ellis' Cafepress Store
Tartan Pencil Skirt ~ Very
Pattern Pannelled Tights ~ Marks & Spencers
Glasses ~ KissKill
Lipstick ~ Rimmel Red Diva

I was feeling awful a few days ago, so I slapped on too much make-up and a tight skirt.

I like pencil skirts & bodycon skirts, but generally on other people. I hardly wear them, they make me feel self conscious. But this was a day of giving absolutely no fucks.

So I went all in and did something I never do, I tucked my shirt in, which I never do, but seeing so many fabulous babes on tumblr do this, I thought hey why not?

I like the effect and I think I will be doing it more.

Two close ups of my silly, silly face.

Also, you can just see the thumb holes I cut in the sleeves of this shirt.

I adore these tights. They are a nice change from regular fishnets. I'm always impressed by Marks & Spencer's tights they are always comfortable, look great & I've never had a pair rip yet.

Also, a picture of the shirt not tucked in for reference, which I like too, but that might be just because I love every single item in this outfit. :)

Hope, you lovely people are having a good weekend.

Oh and PS. There will be no Olympic talk on this blog from me. I am anti-sport in general, especially jingoism & sport. Plus I'm bored of it already!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ok, bad post title aside (I am huge David Bowie fan), this is an important post with absolutely no fashion in it. It is more of an admin post.

Awhile ago I changed the name of this blog from Sian's Fatshion Rags to Sort Life Out; Buy Milk. My hope was to change from being just another fat girl's fashion blog to be a more broad personal blog, though mostly of my interests not my personal life.

Here is a pic of my blog ideas brainstorm:

Image description for those with screen readers or that cannot read my handwriting.

"I Made It Monday" ~ Showcasing something I've created during the week. Including art/jewellery/design/poetry etc.

"Clear Up, Round Up" (Sort Life Out Round Up?) ~ Showing pics, floor plans & ideas of my attack on my living space. Update whenever I make headway in my attempts to sort out the house.

"Inspiration of the Week" ~ Name speaks for itself. Can't decide whether this should be inspiration or recommendation of the week.

"Weekly Wishlist" ~ Self explanatory. All items not just clothes.

"Sort Life Out Book Club" ~ Book reviews, reccs updates, discussion? This not a weekly, but whenever I finish a book.

"Poetry is for Everyone" ~ An attempt to show that poetry isn't too mysterious or hard for anyone. This will include videos of slam poetry or readings as well as text posts, poem discussion & exploration.

I will still be doing OotDs and some general fashion stuff, but I think this will nicely integrate my creative side into the blog. Plus it means there will be a much more steady flow of updates as I feel less constrained by the parameters of my blog genre.

What do you guys think? Any questions or ideas concerning this change?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Half of an OotD: Socks & Garters

Thigh High Stripe Socks: Sock Dreams
Garter Shorts: Allihalla
Denim Shorts: ASOS

I have no idea why I only took pictures of my legs on this particular day. I think I was exhausted. I love these garter shorts they are devine and mean these socks stay up as usually they are far too football payer for my liking.

A half OotD, so a half post. Got some admin-like news coming up, things are going to be changing a little around here. :)

Hope you're all peachy keen.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OotD: Pissed Off in a Playsuit.

When I was visiting my mum in Wales, we decided to visit the Oriel Plas Glyn-y-weddw art gallery, which always has amazing art by welsh artists on display. If you're ever in North Wales near Cricieth/Porthmadog/Pwllheli way I would really reccomend, the house and surrounding area is also beautiful. They're also currently making new walkways through the woods and an amphitheatre for concerts!

I'd been feeling awful the whole time I was in Wales and this shows in these pictures, which are also phone pictures as I left my camera in England. Boo!

Peter Pan Collar Playsuit ~ ASOS Curve
Snoopy Leggings ~ ASOS
Ruffle Socks ~ ASOS
Sophie Wristband ~ Illamasqua
Creepers ~ Underground
Glasses ~ KissKill
Snack Backpack ~ ASOS

I might buy too much stuff from ASOS.

I am totally in love with my Snack Backpack. I have been wanting a backpack for ages, but I wanted studs and an interesting print, so it was pretty hard to find anything I liked, until I saw this! Its so cute and really different. I've used it everyday since I got it. :)

I wanted a shot of my ruffle socks & creepers. I love this and yeah I was inspired by the ever fabulous Fashion Hayley. If you don't follow her blog, I really reccommend it, she is so creative and passionate when it comes to fashion and I am always inspired by her posts.

I am doing a jewellery design/craft course from September and I am paying for it tomorrow. Its really hit me how little money I now have, so I am on a huge No Spend. I am going to go through my clothes and really use everything in my wardrobe properly, not just picking out the new and the shiny like I have been so guilty of lately.

I'm also thinking about how I have revamped the name and look of the blog, but not the content so far. I'm going to brainstorm that and maybe come up with a few weekly posts I'll be doing from now on. You'll know more about that later! :)

Hope you're all well. Xxx

Saturday, July 07, 2012

OotD: Sailboats, Lace and a ALLIHALLA review

Sailboat Sundress ~ Marks & Spencers
Lace Bike Shorts ~ALLIHALLA
Cream Crochet Bolero ~ Monsoon
Lace Socks ~ New Look
Creepers ~ Underground UK
Glasses ~ KissKill

I have been looking for a sailboat print dress for quite some time, several summers in fact. And, as per usual, as soon as I stopped looking, there it was. I got it at a steal as well as its from a Marks & Spencers Outlet shop, so it was reduced to just £12.50. Not bad, if I do say so myself.


I also got my order from Allihalla recently. I got these bike shorts and the garter shorts, which I haven't tried yet. I'd seen the garter shorts all over and thought they were adorable and looked really practical too. I got the bike shorts as almost an afterthought and I am so glad I did!

They are so comfortable, the waist can be pulled up high almost to my chest on me, or folded over if you need. Oh and the elastic doesn't dig in like so many other bike shorts I've tried because they have an almost bandeau top instead of a strip of elastic. Usually after a day in anything tight fitting I will immediatly rip it off, this is why me and shapewear are mortal enemies, but these I wore all day and would be happy to continue wearing them into the evening.

I really encourage you to go look at her shop, I am throuroughly impressed with the design and craftmanship of Alli obviously puts into her clothes.

I got a size large as I am a UK 20/22 and they fit great with plenty more stretch in them. I contacted Alli to make sure this size would fit as I am often wary of people using the term "Large" very loosely. She replied quickly and explained that it would fit because of the amazing amount of stretch in the shorts. She also mentions that she does do custom orders with your measurements, which is very encouraging for us larger ladies. :)

I wore this the day I went to Sheffield with my mother to see my brother. He's lived there years now and I've never visited him! I'm a terrible sister. But, as you can see above, I am a wonderful scowler!

Sheffield is beautiful, apparently it is the greenest city in the UK and I can believe it!

Obligatory blurry, dog picture.

Hope you guys are having a fine summer. :) xxx