Thursday, July 26, 2012


Ok, bad post title aside (I am huge David Bowie fan), this is an important post with absolutely no fashion in it. It is more of an admin post.

Awhile ago I changed the name of this blog from Sian's Fatshion Rags to Sort Life Out; Buy Milk. My hope was to change from being just another fat girl's fashion blog to be a more broad personal blog, though mostly of my interests not my personal life.

Here is a pic of my blog ideas brainstorm:

Image description for those with screen readers or that cannot read my handwriting.

"I Made It Monday" ~ Showcasing something I've created during the week. Including art/jewellery/design/poetry etc.

"Clear Up, Round Up" (Sort Life Out Round Up?) ~ Showing pics, floor plans & ideas of my attack on my living space. Update whenever I make headway in my attempts to sort out the house.

"Inspiration of the Week" ~ Name speaks for itself. Can't decide whether this should be inspiration or recommendation of the week.

"Weekly Wishlist" ~ Self explanatory. All items not just clothes.

"Sort Life Out Book Club" ~ Book reviews, reccs updates, discussion? This not a weekly, but whenever I finish a book.

"Poetry is for Everyone" ~ An attempt to show that poetry isn't too mysterious or hard for anyone. This will include videos of slam poetry or readings as well as text posts, poem discussion & exploration.

I will still be doing OotDs and some general fashion stuff, but I think this will nicely integrate my creative side into the blog. Plus it means there will be a much more steady flow of updates as I feel less constrained by the parameters of my blog genre.

What do you guys think? Any questions or ideas concerning this change?

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