Saturday, July 28, 2012

OotD: Tuck-in & Tartan

Good Morning, Sinners T-Shirt ~ Warren Ellis' Cafepress Store
Tartan Pencil Skirt ~ Very
Pattern Pannelled Tights ~ Marks & Spencers
Glasses ~ KissKill
Lipstick ~ Rimmel Red Diva

I was feeling awful a few days ago, so I slapped on too much make-up and a tight skirt.

I like pencil skirts & bodycon skirts, but generally on other people. I hardly wear them, they make me feel self conscious. But this was a day of giving absolutely no fucks.

So I went all in and did something I never do, I tucked my shirt in, which I never do, but seeing so many fabulous babes on tumblr do this, I thought hey why not?

I like the effect and I think I will be doing it more.

Two close ups of my silly, silly face.

Also, you can just see the thumb holes I cut in the sleeves of this shirt.

I adore these tights. They are a nice change from regular fishnets. I'm always impressed by Marks & Spencer's tights they are always comfortable, look great & I've never had a pair rip yet.

Also, a picture of the shirt not tucked in for reference, which I like too, but that might be just because I love every single item in this outfit. :)

Hope, you lovely people are having a good weekend.

Oh and PS. There will be no Olympic talk on this blog from me. I am anti-sport in general, especially jingoism & sport. Plus I'm bored of it already!

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