Monday, August 20, 2012

I Made It Monday!: First Post of Resin Jewellery

A few weeks ago I made a list of new consistent, weekly or monthly blog features that I wanted to start including. Over the last year (I cannot believe it has been a year!), I've realised that while I love plus size fashion and ootds, there is a lot more I want to include here. Right after deciding to change things I got into quite the depressive funk, so didn't do much about it, but now I will be initiating some of the new features.

I may have mentioned here that I love to diy and craft all sorts of things, but I don't know if I've said that I am returning to college this September to do a jewellery course. I've been making basic jewellery for almost 3 years and often sketch out more complicated pieces, these days I am far more experimental. So here I have two resin brooches that I've been playing around with.

If you know me well, you know I love pirates & glitter, so the first idea I got when using the resin was a glittery crossbones! I may have made this one a little too thick, but I really like how chunky & 3D it is, especially if you put on the lapel of a jacket. :)

This is a much more simple shape, but I was experiementing with what I could suspend in the resin, so I went to a craft store and got a load of diffeent size glitters & sequins. I like how these very large pieces of glitter give a very random pattern, though I did learn that they can trap little air bubbles, which can be seen on the surface. Not too distracting, but the reason I experiment is to learn! :)

Sorry about the pictures I am off to my friend's house for the night, so I am putting this up to queue for Monday, so they were taken very quickly.

Hope you guys like my brooches. :)

Do any of you make jewellery or any other crafty activity?

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  1. i love these!!! I want to learn how to do resin jewellery and make things as its my fave kind to wear and so many options to make things! love them and cant wait to see what else you have made x