Saturday, August 04, 2012

OotD: Good as Gold

Gold Aztec Print Tunic ~ ASOS Curve
Leggings ~ Florence & Fred at Tesco's
Gold Triangle Collar ~ ASOS
Gold Cuff ~ ASOS
Black Fake Gauge Earrings ~ ASOS
Gold Chain Ring ~ My Great Grandmother's
Black Box Bag ~ ASOS
Glasses ~ KissKill
Creepers ~ Underground
Gold Lipgloss ~ Illamasqua

Up until recently if you asked me if I wore silver or gold I would reply that I would never wear gold. I've always worn silver coloured jewellery and considered gold to be awfully tacky. I think this opinion was formed at the same time I swore I would never wear make-up or dresses because being "girly" was weak. As you can see, a lot has changed.

Originally I was going to go a little less over the top with just the collar and tunic being the only gold elements, but as I started to accesorise I thought, why not go all out?

The ASOS tunic was bought on a whim and I am so very glad I got it, as it is super comfortable and dressy enough that you could wear it day to evening.

Obligatory shot of my beloved creepers. I promise you guys I own other shoes, but these go with everything, in my humble opinion.

One piece that made me change my mind about gold was this ring. When my Nain and Taid (welsh grandparents) died I inherited some jewellery including my great grandmother's wedding ring. I don't think it would be half as beautiful in silver, so I've begun to see gold in a different light.

So, how about it readers, are you loyal to gold or silver?

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