Thursday, August 09, 2012

OotD: A Hint of 60s Style

TV Print Dress ~ Chelsea Girl at River Island
Leggings ~ Florence & Fred at Tesco
Chunky Hoop Earrings ~ Accessorise
Triskellion Necklace ~ Art Gallery
Creepers ~ Underground
Lipstick ~ Perilous by Illamasqua

I think this might be my first post where I have contacts in! I tend to only wear contacts in the summer or when I'm going to the cinema. Hope my glassesless visage doesn't scare you guys too much! ;p

I look a mess in these pictures, I know, I seriously need my hair dying, but I love this outfit. This dress is a definite example of how when you shop you shouldn't just look at the size on the label. River Island does not go up to a 22, I believe it goes up to an 18 in its regular line though I might be mistaken. This dress is a size 16 and I had to have it.

The print is amazing and though 60s isn't my usual style I do have a weakness for that era.

I thought I would up to 60s style of the dress with orange lipstick and big eyelashes, but unfortunately these pictures were taken after I'd had to put contact lenses in and out at an eye appointment, so the lashes were very smudged and not as dramatic as they were supposed to be.

I used to hate orange lipsticks associating it with someone I do not get on with, plus I thought it would clash horribly with my red hair. I actually like it more now than when I was blonde.

A rare shot of both my dogs looking at the camera. Dylan, our beagle loves the camera, but Eccles the cocker spaniel usually runs away or hides when he sees the camera!

When I have my finances sorted a little more I am planning to go to the tattoo parlor! One tattoo I want is a purple pansy just like the one above on my foot. Pansies are my favourite flower and I associate them heavily with my welsh grandparents, so it would also be a tattoo to memorialise them. It would also show the fact that I finally accept that I am a pansy, that I can be feminine and it doesn't take away from who I am and that I am no longer in conflict over my sexuality. I'm a pansy and that's ok.

Any of you lovely people have tattoos?

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