Thursday, August 23, 2012

OotD: How I Cope with Summer Fashion

Bird Cropped Shirt ~ ASOS Curve
Puffball Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Green Sunglasses ~ TK Maxx
Triskellion Necklace ~ Art Gallery
Sophie Armband ~ Illamasqua

I hate summer. Well, that might be going a bit far, but as someone who is half welsh I melt at temperatures over 22 C. I like the sun as long as it isn't harsh enough to burn me, as long as it doesn't make me sweat or mean that Porthmadog where my mother has a house isn't full of tourists.

So, I might hate summer, but at least British summers are mild and confusing, you always think its going to be baking then it rains, so you get out an umbrella then its suddenly 30 C and you die of heatstroke just getting your mail.

I think if I lived somewhere with real summers I would not cope, but in Britain there are a few ways to get on with your day. Here are my stages of summer fashion.... in autumn, I have great timimg by the way.

Stage 1: Tearing myself away from my mostly black, layered wardrobe.

Every year I panic when summer rolls around because I don't have any summer clothes, I have a few summer dresses and tops, but can I wear jeans? Are any of my skirts cotton? I think this is a common problem, especially for those of us on a more alternative fashion lifestyle.

Stage 2: Freeing your arms and other skin.

A few year ago, the only things I wore were men's t-shirts & jeans, so I had most of body covered up, discovering a more varied style was very shocking to my system, I still feel more comfortable covered up. So when summer comes I must remember my right to bare my arms, legs & sometimes even my belly & cleavage! (oh my!)

Stage 3: Get thee to your contacts & sunglasses.

I love sunglasses, I have several cheap pairs, but I am always ill prepared, I tend only to wear contacts in summer, so when summer arrives I am usually out and in need of a new prescription. This means a trip to the optician (who is lovely) and new lens.

Unfortunately the above sunglasses must have offended the beagle as he pulled off the arms & broke on the lens. My fault for leaving them out, but still sad as they were gorgeous.

Stage 3: Accept your sunscreen fate.

I have not left the country in about three years & if I were to holiday it would not be anywhere too hot as I have an aversion, but every year I forget that it gets hot enough to give you sunburn in my own fair land. Always slap some sunscreen on, burns are horrible, but skin cancer is worse.

I have to say I break this rule too often and will have to sit on the naughty step for a while.

Stage 4: Man Made Fabrics are the Work of the Devil.

Personally, I find this a year long idea, I wish more plus size stores did more in cotton, jersey & anything but polyester.

How do you guys deal with summer?

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