Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekly Wishlist 2: Jewellery Edition

1. Callooh and Callay Impossible Cube, $15
2. Regal Rose Hair Rings, £7-£11
3. Callooh and Callay Impossible Triangle, $15
4. GirlsKnow Men Are Disgusting Necklace, $19
5. SophieDear Galaxy Locket Large Necklace, £14
6. Rock 'N Rose Florence Oversized Floral Crown, £36
7. Tatty Devine Aarrghhhh Necklace, £45
8. Tatty Devine Pierrot Necklace, £5 Sale Price!
9. Tatty Devine Dinosaur Necklace, £114
10. Regal Rose Fire Opal Earrings, £12
11. Regal Rose Rainbow Quartz Ring, £28 On Sale
12. Rock 'N Rose Inverted Cross Kora Necklace, £18

This week I've gone jewellery mad. I've been designing a lot recently and am currently diying myself some jewellery storage as well, so I thought why not do a jewellery themed wishlist this week! I adore all these pieces and am going to slowly be adding them to my collection, hopefully. I think the one thing I look for in jewellery is a sense of fun & humour, if I can't see myself enjoyng wearing it then I can't see the point in buying it.

As you can probably tell I love Tatty Devine and could probably do a full wishlist of just their pieces. I really want my own name necklace someday.

I am always on the look out for new places to buy jewellery. Any of you have any recommendations for interesting jewellery companies?

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