Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Been A While.

It has been 24 days or a little over three weeks since my last post and I'm finally back on my feet enough to give you all a little explaination as to why.

This unscheduled hiatus was a many sided beast, the first of which is that I have been suffering very badly recently, I believe the medication I am on (antidepressants & mood stabilisers) have not been working effectively for some time. This means I've been very depressed as well as having more mixed and hypomanic states than I have experienced in quite along time. This meant I had no energy to blog and when I did I was caught in crippling self doubt that anyone would care about this blog or me anyway. This I now see as ridiculous, but when you're deep in depression its like you're viewing everything through the scope of pessimism and depressed thoughts.

I began college at the start of September, its only a part time course, two full days in the workshop, but its suprisingly work intensive and tiring. This might be because I am low on energy anyway, but I have been putting everything into this course. As some of you may remember its a jewellery design/craft course. It is also going really well. I'm having a lot of fun with the work & the people, its amazing how being around other creative people has shot my own creativity through the roof.

For some unknown reason, I've been unable to really write, it might be the depression, but I kept opening up blogger posts and just staring. I couldn't think of a word to write or a thought to express. I desperately wanted to write something, mainly so my last post wasn't at the top (I hate that post), but nothing came out. I couldn't even read blogs, which is something I really enjoy doing, so if I haven't posted comments on your blog & I usually do this is why. I'll get round to it soon!

Thankfully I seem to be over that, but the work & depression are still prevelant. I will be trying to schedule at least a post a week, so the blog won't be completely abandoned.

Maybe I'll even show you what I've been getting up to on my course. ;)

Anyway, how have you guys been? Any exciting developements since I've been away?

Thursday, September 06, 2012

OotD: What I Wore To Walk The Dogs

REPOST: I accidently posted this a few days ago, then got confused, deleted it, lost it & now its back here. Sorry about that. Also sorry I seem to have messed up my disqus. I wish I was better at computers. Also, I am not so happy with this outfit, but you know what sometimes outfits don't come together perfectly, so why not show you guys what I wear whenever I get the chance whether its perfect or not. :)

Black Maxi Dress ~ Next
Khaki Belt ~ Next
Divine "Filth" Badge ~ oldfamiliarway's etsy
Black Buckle Boots ~ Evans (Circa 2010)
Trickellion Necklace ~ Art Gallery
Lipstick ~ MAC Cosmo

Some days you have to plaster on the slap & walk your dogs, so you can pose in silly ways under a bridge.

Dylan adores the water. He's always jumping around the stream next to the walkway.

I wish you could see my eye make-up properly in any of these pictures, it was super green & glittery, but I am a bad photographer so couldn't get a good shot of it.

Also, how amazing is this badge? Its Divine and under it says "Filth!". I love it and have another badge and a hairbow from Oldfamiliarway, who is a delight on tumblr as well as selling cool things in her etsy shop.

Necessary shot of me looking sinister.

Also, here is a close up shot of the belt I was wearing as I think its pretty cool. I am not usually a belt person, probably because I detest that fat girl fashion tip to "accentuate" your waist so you look thinner. Nope just looks like you're wearing a belt. This belt though seemed much more interesting than all the skinny ones you see nowadays, it even has a little pocket, which held a mirror and my lippy! ;)

What is your least favourite fashion rule?

Monday, September 03, 2012

I Made It Monday: Framed Jewellery Display

I wish I'd taken some before shots, but I was excited to get on with this project it completely slipped my mind!

This is the world's most simple diy though. All you need is one frame, maybe from a charity shop or one you have in the attic unused & one cork notice board or sheet of cork. Measure out the frame & cut the piece of cork down to the correct size, hammer nails through the cork into the frame. Might be different if your frame has a back or another way to keep the cork in, but should be simple enough to work out. Easy peasy!

My frame was inherited from my Great Aunt's house. It held the world's ugliest painting, but I always liked the fram even if it is falling apart a little. Its got character that's all.

Then all you need is some pins, your jewellery & a creative eye.

Ta-dah! I know its not the most beautiful thing in the world, but I only started recently & haven't worked out where to put everything. This is  definitely a work in progress.

 Put a side shot in so you can see how things are pinned on.

I am terrible at forgetting to accessorise. I love putting clothes together, but often forget to add the finishing touches, especially if my jewellery is stuffed in drawers. So I thought this would be a fun way to show it off & help me remember to use it.

I have a little collection of alice bands, including the amazing Libertarian Artist's Palette Headband, so I thought I'd display them too by popping them over the top of the frame.

I love when companies give you cards and these are too beautiful to be languishing in a drawer somewhere so I've placed them at the bottom of the frame to be added onto the board later.

Hope you like this little diy, its one I've been planning for months, but never quite got round too. I'm glad I did it though its adds some much needed personality to my living room.

How do you guys store your jewellery, do you store it away or display it?

Sunday, September 02, 2012

OotD: I Wanna Be The Girl With The Most Cake (Its My Birthday!)

Batwing Blouse ~ Oska via Helen Winterson's in Marple (Birthday gift from my lovely mum)
Black Cami ~ ASOS
Leather Front Trousers ~ Geico via Gray & Osbourn's
Flower & Pearl Choker ~ Craft Fair in Cricceith
Creepers ~ Undergound

Today's outfit was actually worn today which has not been the case for many of my ootds recently. Sorry for ruining the magic there. But today is my birthday and here is what I wore. My mum always gets me some fabulous piece of clothing for my birthday and this time it was this super cool batwing blouse, that is reminiscent of the Lazy Oaf Batman Blouse which I have been covetting recently. It is ridiculously comfortable and moves beautifully which I don't think I have captured in these pictures.

My mother said the light kept making me look like Jesus so I gave my best Jesus being beneficent pose. Sorry. :P

Since I decided to wear contacts for the first time (properly) since I dyed my hair red I have an eyebrow conundrum. I have never done anything with my brows because they're super light and when I'm wearing glasses they are covered, so when I popped my contacts in this morning I couldn't stop looking at my eyebrows and getting very annoyed.

So I braced myself, put the rest of my face and got out my Benefit Brows a-go-go kit. This is my first attempt at giving myself eyebrows, so I know its not perfect. Honestly as I've never really had eyebrows before I couldn't stop staring at them! They give my face so much more definition! You hear that in beauty circles a lot, but I never believed it until now. I also added a little red eyeshadow to make them match the redness of my hair.

Also, in case any one is wondering the lipstick I am wearing is Illamasqua's Fetish and the eyeshadows I used are Urban Decay's Curiouser & Underland from the Alice in Wonderland pallette. (Which is fabulous and generally only available via eBay, but does come up more than you would think.)

For my birthday, I did what every 22 year old would want to do, I went to Ikea with my mother and bought things to organise my room. You could say I am just about the coolest 22 year old around, but you, my friend, would be dead wrong.

I have really enjoyed myself, I love hanging out with my mother and I think when you enter your 20s you're not quite as bothered about admitting stuff like that. Also, Eton Mess Cheesecake from Marks & Spencers as my birthday cake? Mmmm, living at home is looking better & better.

Hole ~ Doll Parts

Thought I'd stick this amazing song here as I borrowed a lyric from it for my title.

Two questions to end my twenty two years of ages blog post! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day. :)

Do any of you guys have any brow advice or are you all brow virgins like I was?

What's your favourite birthday activity, are you a homebody or a wild partier?

Selling Some Boots & Wedges!

Regular readers may know that I am off to college mid September, this is unfortunately an expensive process so I am going through my shoes & clothes selling off items so I can pay for school. I won't clog up my blog with lots of sale items & posts about this, but occasionally as I add new things I will post a picture & link if I think its something that might appeal to my reader.

Both the wedges & boots are a UK size 8 and come from reputable brands.

The above boots are Clarks knee high boho/cowboy style boots. There are more pictures & a description at the link here.

These black strappy ALDO wedges can be found here.

I feel bad making this kind of post, but I promise not to spam this blog with these  kind of posts.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Weekly Wishlist 3: Birthday Special!

1. Sirdar Indie Wrap Knitting Pattern
2. 32 GB Extreme HD SD Card
3. Tatty Devine Pen Nib Earrings
4. Oska Anike Blouse
5. Panasonic V700 Camcorder
6. Amazon Camera bag
7. Tatty Devine Pierrot Necklace
8. Cork Notice Board
9. A Whole Load of Indie Wool
10. Resin Casting Kit

Sunday it is my birthday and I'll be 22 years old! So this week's wishlist is filled with everything I will be receiving for my birthday. I bought myself the Tatty Devine pieces & the notice board, but thes rest is my mother's work. I am really a very lucky person, especially when it comes to the camcorder & accessories.

Though I am a little dissapointed in my Tatty Devine order. The necklace is great, but after one wear the earring post had come off my pen nib earrings, I have contacted Tatty Devine Customer care and hopefully I'll get a reply soon. Its just so annoying when you spend a lot of good money on something and it just falls apart.

This camcorder means that soon enough I will be doing some video blogging! I've already got a few hauls planned & a cool way to show you my room now I've spruced it up.

So, you guys have any vlogging requests? Questions you want answered or any diy stuff? :)