Monday, September 03, 2012

I Made It Monday: Framed Jewellery Display

I wish I'd taken some before shots, but I was excited to get on with this project it completely slipped my mind!

This is the world's most simple diy though. All you need is one frame, maybe from a charity shop or one you have in the attic unused & one cork notice board or sheet of cork. Measure out the frame & cut the piece of cork down to the correct size, hammer nails through the cork into the frame. Might be different if your frame has a back or another way to keep the cork in, but should be simple enough to work out. Easy peasy!

My frame was inherited from my Great Aunt's house. It held the world's ugliest painting, but I always liked the fram even if it is falling apart a little. Its got character that's all.

Then all you need is some pins, your jewellery & a creative eye.

Ta-dah! I know its not the most beautiful thing in the world, but I only started recently & haven't worked out where to put everything. This is  definitely a work in progress.

 Put a side shot in so you can see how things are pinned on.

I am terrible at forgetting to accessorise. I love putting clothes together, but often forget to add the finishing touches, especially if my jewellery is stuffed in drawers. So I thought this would be a fun way to show it off & help me remember to use it.

I have a little collection of alice bands, including the amazing Libertarian Artist's Palette Headband, so I thought I'd display them too by popping them over the top of the frame.

I love when companies give you cards and these are too beautiful to be languishing in a drawer somewhere so I've placed them at the bottom of the frame to be added onto the board later.

Hope you like this little diy, its one I've been planning for months, but never quite got round too. I'm glad I did it though its adds some much needed personality to my living room.

How do you guys store your jewellery, do you store it away or display it?

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  1. This is awsome!! I've never seen a frame one before!! You know what's awsome tho- I made one by just covering a board with material, but funny as- in the bottom corner is my DD coupon card!! Just like yours!!