Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Been A While.

It has been 24 days or a little over three weeks since my last post and I'm finally back on my feet enough to give you all a little explaination as to why.

This unscheduled hiatus was a many sided beast, the first of which is that I have been suffering very badly recently, I believe the medication I am on (antidepressants & mood stabilisers) have not been working effectively for some time. This means I've been very depressed as well as having more mixed and hypomanic states than I have experienced in quite along time. This meant I had no energy to blog and when I did I was caught in crippling self doubt that anyone would care about this blog or me anyway. This I now see as ridiculous, but when you're deep in depression its like you're viewing everything through the scope of pessimism and depressed thoughts.

I began college at the start of September, its only a part time course, two full days in the workshop, but its suprisingly work intensive and tiring. This might be because I am low on energy anyway, but I have been putting everything into this course. As some of you may remember its a jewellery design/craft course. It is also going really well. I'm having a lot of fun with the work & the people, its amazing how being around other creative people has shot my own creativity through the roof.

For some unknown reason, I've been unable to really write, it might be the depression, but I kept opening up blogger posts and just staring. I couldn't think of a word to write or a thought to express. I desperately wanted to write something, mainly so my last post wasn't at the top (I hate that post), but nothing came out. I couldn't even read blogs, which is something I really enjoy doing, so if I haven't posted comments on your blog & I usually do this is why. I'll get round to it soon!

Thankfully I seem to be over that, but the work & depression are still prevelant. I will be trying to schedule at least a post a week, so the blog won't be completely abandoned.

Maybe I'll even show you what I've been getting up to on my course. ;)

Anyway, how have you guys been? Any exciting developements since I've been away?

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