Sunday, September 02, 2012

OotD: I Wanna Be The Girl With The Most Cake (Its My Birthday!)

Batwing Blouse ~ Oska via Helen Winterson's in Marple (Birthday gift from my lovely mum)
Black Cami ~ ASOS
Leather Front Trousers ~ Geico via Gray & Osbourn's
Flower & Pearl Choker ~ Craft Fair in Cricceith
Creepers ~ Undergound

Today's outfit was actually worn today which has not been the case for many of my ootds recently. Sorry for ruining the magic there. But today is my birthday and here is what I wore. My mum always gets me some fabulous piece of clothing for my birthday and this time it was this super cool batwing blouse, that is reminiscent of the Lazy Oaf Batman Blouse which I have been covetting recently. It is ridiculously comfortable and moves beautifully which I don't think I have captured in these pictures.

My mother said the light kept making me look like Jesus so I gave my best Jesus being beneficent pose. Sorry. :P

Since I decided to wear contacts for the first time (properly) since I dyed my hair red I have an eyebrow conundrum. I have never done anything with my brows because they're super light and when I'm wearing glasses they are covered, so when I popped my contacts in this morning I couldn't stop looking at my eyebrows and getting very annoyed.

So I braced myself, put the rest of my face and got out my Benefit Brows a-go-go kit. This is my first attempt at giving myself eyebrows, so I know its not perfect. Honestly as I've never really had eyebrows before I couldn't stop staring at them! They give my face so much more definition! You hear that in beauty circles a lot, but I never believed it until now. I also added a little red eyeshadow to make them match the redness of my hair.

Also, in case any one is wondering the lipstick I am wearing is Illamasqua's Fetish and the eyeshadows I used are Urban Decay's Curiouser & Underland from the Alice in Wonderland pallette. (Which is fabulous and generally only available via eBay, but does come up more than you would think.)

For my birthday, I did what every 22 year old would want to do, I went to Ikea with my mother and bought things to organise my room. You could say I am just about the coolest 22 year old around, but you, my friend, would be dead wrong.

I have really enjoyed myself, I love hanging out with my mother and I think when you enter your 20s you're not quite as bothered about admitting stuff like that. Also, Eton Mess Cheesecake from Marks & Spencers as my birthday cake? Mmmm, living at home is looking better & better.

Hole ~ Doll Parts

Thought I'd stick this amazing song here as I borrowed a lyric from it for my title.

Two questions to end my twenty two years of ages blog post! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day. :)

Do any of you guys have any brow advice or are you all brow virgins like I was?

What's your favourite birthday activity, are you a homebody or a wild partier?

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  1. Happy birthday!!!! Love this outfit- especially the creepers!!