Thursday, September 06, 2012

OotD: What I Wore To Walk The Dogs

REPOST: I accidently posted this a few days ago, then got confused, deleted it, lost it & now its back here. Sorry about that. Also sorry I seem to have messed up my disqus. I wish I was better at computers. Also, I am not so happy with this outfit, but you know what sometimes outfits don't come together perfectly, so why not show you guys what I wear whenever I get the chance whether its perfect or not. :)

Black Maxi Dress ~ Next
Khaki Belt ~ Next
Divine "Filth" Badge ~ oldfamiliarway's etsy
Black Buckle Boots ~ Evans (Circa 2010)
Trickellion Necklace ~ Art Gallery
Lipstick ~ MAC Cosmo

Some days you have to plaster on the slap & walk your dogs, so you can pose in silly ways under a bridge.

Dylan adores the water. He's always jumping around the stream next to the walkway.

I wish you could see my eye make-up properly in any of these pictures, it was super green & glittery, but I am a bad photographer so couldn't get a good shot of it.

Also, how amazing is this badge? Its Divine and under it says "Filth!". I love it and have another badge and a hairbow from Oldfamiliarway, who is a delight on tumblr as well as selling cool things in her etsy shop.

Necessary shot of me looking sinister.

Also, here is a close up shot of the belt I was wearing as I think its pretty cool. I am not usually a belt person, probably because I detest that fat girl fashion tip to "accentuate" your waist so you look thinner. Nope just looks like you're wearing a belt. This belt though seemed much more interesting than all the skinny ones you see nowadays, it even has a little pocket, which held a mirror and my lippy! ;)

What is your least favourite fashion rule?

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