Saturday, September 01, 2012

Weekly Wishlist 3: Birthday Special!

1. Sirdar Indie Wrap Knitting Pattern
2. 32 GB Extreme HD SD Card
3. Tatty Devine Pen Nib Earrings
4. Oska Anike Blouse
5. Panasonic V700 Camcorder
6. Amazon Camera bag
7. Tatty Devine Pierrot Necklace
8. Cork Notice Board
9. A Whole Load of Indie Wool
10. Resin Casting Kit

Sunday it is my birthday and I'll be 22 years old! So this week's wishlist is filled with everything I will be receiving for my birthday. I bought myself the Tatty Devine pieces & the notice board, but thes rest is my mother's work. I am really a very lucky person, especially when it comes to the camcorder & accessories.

Though I am a little dissapointed in my Tatty Devine order. The necklace is great, but after one wear the earring post had come off my pen nib earrings, I have contacted Tatty Devine Customer care and hopefully I'll get a reply soon. Its just so annoying when you spend a lot of good money on something and it just falls apart.

This camcorder means that soon enough I will be doing some video blogging! I've already got a few hauls planned & a cool way to show you my room now I've spruced it up.

So, you guys have any vlogging requests? Questions you want answered or any diy stuff? :)

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