Friday, October 05, 2012

Inspiration of the Week 1: Sir Ken Robinson "Do Schools Kill Creativity?"

Sir Ken Robinson is an educator, former university professor, author and a believer that a "one size fits all" education system is robbing our children of their creativity.

In this breath taking TED talk from 2006 he talks about education in ways I've never heard before, but have always felt. I think the way eduation works today is broken that we need to see that pushing people what we currently see as steady jobs is ludicrous. Everyone should be allowed to pursue their own dreams & work to dicover their talents whatever they may be. We have to realise that the current way we work people to pass tests and jump through hoops isn't benefiting anyone, especially not our children.

I watched this video and a few others of Sir Ken talking and was blown away. Not only is he is a hugely articulate, funny and thought provoking speaker, he also has an unwavering optimism. It is very easy in modern times to become cynical, that people are bad and horrible, but it is people like Ken Robinson who remind me that, yes, bad people exist, but they are overshadowed by the very many wonders of humanity.

I am also currently reading Sir Ken's book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, which I will be reviewing when I have finished it.

I'll also reccommend his follow up talk from 2010 Bring on the Learning Revolution.

How do you feel about the education system? Is it different from the general western model in your country? Have you faced problems at school due to your field being underappreciated?

I'd love to hear what you all think about this issue and my new feature. :)

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