Saturday, October 13, 2012

OotD: New Look/Old Look

Black/White Striped Midi Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Sheer Shirt with PU Collar ~ New Look
Black Denim Vest ~ New Look
Resin Crossbones Brooch ~ Handmade by me
Cami ~ ASOS Curve
S & A pins ~ Cath Kidston via ASOS
Chunky Hoop Earrings ~ Accessorize
Ruffle Socks ~ ASOS
Creepers ~ Underground
SOPHIE Armband ~ Illamasqua for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

As soon as I got the shirt & vest I knew I had to make them into a kickass outfit. Originally I was going to go without the cami, I loved it, but I was hanging out with my family on this day and I felt a bit weird with my bra showing around them. :/

This is from early this summer, when it was really too hot to wear the polyester top and the vest with this, but I did it, for fashion! Haha!

Usually a big fan of this rosewood blusher, but when I had my hair dyed this bright? I don't know, is it clashy or should I just tone it down? My knowledge of make-up is so poor and blushers are probably my weakest point. I have exactly 2 of them.

This close up also gives you a shot of my pins, brooch & earrings. I am not usually a great accessoriser, but I like this look. I may customise the vest with studs on the pockets too. :)

Have you guys noticed that I like monochrome? Because it just occured to me, I bloody love black & white. With silver accents to boot.

Bonus Dylan. Obscured Eccles.

Do you repeat classic colour combinations or do you keep it fresh?

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  1. I absolutely love this outfit - it looks great on you! I tend to get stuck in a rut for ages, find an outfit I like and wear it over and over! I need to be more adventurous!