Thursday, October 04, 2012

OotD: What I Wore for My Birthday Celebration.

Blue Dress & Shrug ~ TK Maxx
Galaxy Leggings ~ New Look
Cross Earrings ~ ASOS
Double Zip Boots ~ Evans
Lipstick ~ You're Perfect Already by MAC

 I wore this on the 9th of September, exactly a week after my birthday as my mother wasn't well on my birthday, so we decided to space a week before celebrating. As per tradition we went to Castell Deudraeth for a fancy lunch, so I chose to dress up a little.

You can't see on these pictures, but the lighter panels on the front of the dress are a fine blue/silver glitter.

I am super obsessed with this hair. My mum did the braiding as I've never braided anything before, but I just loved the idea of teasing the heck out of the front and having braids going into the back.

I cannot wait till my hair grows long enough that I can  play around with it properly. :D

Also, these leggings are my new obsession. Its taken long enough for this trend to make its way to plus size retailers.

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