Monday, October 08, 2012

OotD: Witchy Winter Wear

Grey Longline Top ~ TK Maxx
Tiered Black Skirt ~ Next (circa a million years ago)
Grey Footless Tights ~ Falke via TK Maxx
Creepers ~ Underground
Glasses ~ KissKill
Necklace ~ Museum in Wales.

I now wish I'd put a petticoat under this skirt for extra volume, but you live and learn.

Dear Lord, I wish I wasn't pulling such a derp face in the only picture showing the composition of this top. I don't wear it enough, mainly because you have to wear either something underneath it or high waisted skirt/trousers so there's not a weird belly gap. I might sew a few more buttons or snaps further down so I can wear it as a dress.

This top and skirt always felt quite witchy to me, so maybe I should have pushed that with some dark make-up, but I was visiting friends and didn't feel like the weird looks today. Ah, well plenty of autumn and winter left in which to scare people and wear awesome outfits. ;)

Hopefully from next week I Made It Monday will be back in action as I am making things more frequently now.

Do you guys ever dress up with a character or theme in mind? I have a dress that makes me feel like a sailor, another like a pin up and one which feels really victorian steampunk. If I'm bored I like to think about outfits like this. Hope I'm not the only one!

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