Saturday, November 24, 2012

OotD: We All Makes (Fashion) Mistakes.

Wasted Youth Tank Top ~ Topshop
White Cut Offs ~ Dorothy Perkins
Spiked Alice Band ~ ASOS
Plastic Sewing  Kit Bangle ~ ASOS
Cross Earrings ~ ASOS
Boots ~ Evans
Lipstick ~ Underworld by Illamasqua

Honestly I've taken a lot of time to consider whether to post this, but hey in for a penny in for a pound.

While this isn't the worst fashion disaster ever I'm still not sure what possessed me to wear tight knee length shorts, then pair that with ankle boots. I have no idea what I was thinking, but I'm posting it here because as my title says we all make mistakes.

Honestly, I wore these boots because I'd just got them and I fell in love. I like the slight heel and double zips, but they were not summer friendly. I feel I'll be getting much more use out of them now its nice and cold.

Look at those luminous calves! Ha, sometimes I forgot how little I get my legs out.

I don't detest this outfit from waist up. I love this top, the earrings and this is my favourite alice band ever. I think the heat must have got to me. I can never make a decision in summer.... or winter, autumn and spring.

Whenever I run out "poses" I just look out of shot and hope I look thoughtful.

What are your most memorable fashion mistakes? Mine are the 90s.

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